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Thanks to the Last Orders, Swinton

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Posted By : Lie Ability | Comments : 4

Great little venue, great night again!

Just thought I'd post a one about last nights gig at the Last Orders (I don't normally do self reviews).

Got to say I was a touch apprehensive about playing last night, being the day after "mad friday" and all that (even though I thought/still think it's next week!). Also, there was a blog on here last week knocking the venue so I thought I would post a positive blog about the place.

From the off there were people dancing and it was a superb night; I'd go as far as to say one off the most enjoyable gigs I've ever played. Asking for more songs after the encores and dancing along is what make it's all worthwhile

It's easy to knock venues but the Last Orders is putting bands on and keeping live music going. Some weeks are going to be quiet, we've all been there and it comes with the territory, especially in todays climate - but I'm just glad we played when it was good one!




# Posted by djtommatt - 18/12/2011, 14:25 (GMT)

Here Here

Was a great night Jez and you guys played a blinder i even heard applause for your sound check lol.

keep rocking guys and all the best to Andy when he moves to Oz .


# Posted by djtommatt - 18/12/2011, 14:35 (GMT)

sorry i meant Alan

all the best mate been great watching you play over the past year


# Posted by Lie Ability - 18/12/2011, 20:06 (GMT)

Thanks for the compliments DJ. Sad to go but chance of a lieftime and all that. I will be keeping my eye on the lads to make sure they keep their standards up.


# Posted by Jez - 18/12/2011, 20:58 (GMT)

As Alan says. cheers for coming down again DJ, always enjoyed playing there but last night seemed the best yet!

Whatever happens, hopefully see you in there in on guise or other! LieAbility will be back there in April and hopefully the place will be bouncing again!

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