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Best publIc liability cover?

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Posted By : The Villains | Comments : 12

We need it super quick and super cheap

Ive heard the MU covers you for £55 but is that per band member or does one member cover all the band?

If they don't where can we get it cheap and quick?


# Posted by Off The Rails - 16/11/2011, 20:47 (GMT)

try towergate or fylde insurance in Kirkham ask for Yvonne, mention Carole sent you http://www.fylde-insurance.co.uk/

cheers tony

# Posted by The Villains - 16/11/2011, 20:57 (GMT)

Nice one Tony hOw much do you reckon roughly?

# Posted by Tubthumper - 16/11/2011, 20:58 (GMT)

Insurance? What could possibly go wrong at a gig..............

# Posted by SandS - 16/11/2011, 20:58 (GMT)

Why do you need it?

# Posted by Off The Rails - 16/11/2011, 21:17 (GMT)

£135.00 quid we paid

# Posted by Off The Rails - 16/11/2011, 21:19 (GMT)

Posted by SandS
Why do you need it?

If you are playing at a posh place or a wedding if you are hired direct from the wedding party you are not covered on the venues insurance.


# Posted by The Villains - 16/11/2011, 21:48 (GMT)

We're playing Manchester town hall for a mates wedding in December and a couple of venues next year have asked for our certificate.

Bit miffed at paying £135 for insurance though, we don't want anyone onstage so if they Coe on they'll get a smack, will that be covered?

# Posted by Rumble Fat Band - 16/11/2011, 22:34 (GMT)

MU Cover is per preson. +1 for Towergate.

# Posted by On The Edge - 17/11/2011, 09:04 (GMT)

mu is for one person, but if you just happen to own all the gear. one is all you need.
cost me £13 a month

# Posted by Neil Aspinall - 17/11/2011, 10:02 (GMT)

Try Tennison Insurance online. If your in the MU you have PL cover but only for that band members personal liability it doesn't extend to the band. Neil

# Posted by Off The Rails - 17/11/2011, 12:30 (GMT)

besides your liability insurance have you got all your stuff pat tested ?, because they might ask to see proof of that too.

# Posted by The Villains - 17/11/2011, 13:28 (GMT)

Yeah we've got the PAT testing done, just never needed PLI before. Thanks all will check it out. I think MU might be the way forward as it also does insurance so if your gear gets nicked out of your car its covered. Magic

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