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Its Not our fault

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Posted By : Tony- Vocalist | Comments : 14

Lets get out the EEC

The Greek bailout.

We are not rescuing Greece,
we are rescuing the Bankers who lent to Greece.
We are transferring the burden from the Bankers who CHOSE to lend to Greece, to the Tax Payers who DID NOT CHOSE to lend to Greece
... We are not saving Greece We are saving Bankers!
We are also saving the Politicians with in the EEC
Their reputations and those of Their Government's, because for years, They and Their Government's have told us.............. The Euro good thing


# Posted by Tony- Vocalist - 30/09/2011, 01:18 (GMT)

Their reputations and those of Their Government's, because for years, They and Their Government's have told us.............. The Euro's a good thing

That is what it should have read !!!! We have been strung up like kippers!

# Posted by Willow (of somebig™Fish) (Reti... - 30/09/2011, 01:19 (GMT)

It really would be interesting to see the responses to this ,,,,,,, however .... music related???

My own view is that the fuckers are laughing at us

From a source on the web ........
"The Greek government is trying to recover billions of euros lost to tax evasion as part of its austerity programme but millions of Greeks see it as their right not to pay any tax."

Mine is a knee jerk reaction to what are possibly not even facts ..... but .... write the debt off but never, NEVER lift a finger or raise a drachma to help them ever again!

Far too complicated to discuss on here tho methinks

# Posted by THE STORIES ,The very best! of... - 30/09/2011, 01:36 (GMT)

music related ? @ willow good call ,but when they pay thier bills we"ll give them their hot weather back :)

# Posted by Off The Rails - 30/09/2011, 07:26 (GMT)

I would just like to mention that I am not a banker nor have I ever worked in a bank, I thought I heard somebody call me that the other day, (well it sounded like banker).

# Posted by Jez - 30/09/2011, 08:25 (GMT)

if its on a music forum, then the blame lies, whatever the issue, with the X-Factor and cheap supermaket booze!


# Posted by Mick (ex Bad Horsie) - 30/09/2011, 08:55 (GMT)

Individually governed states with a single static currency? Fucking stupid idea in the first place. None of the European people I talk to online an in "RL" have benefited from it. Most have lost a significant % of their income since its inception.

# Posted by Synthy Mike - 30/09/2011, 09:52 (GMT)

The euro was a foolish idea from the start, attempting to homogenise fundamentally different economies was never going to work. In prosperity, brilliant! In austere times, disaster. The mechanisms that'd help the Spanish, Irish, Italian, Portuguese and Greek economies recover are fundamentally different to those that'd work for Germany and France (and to a lesser extent us). Keeping interest rates a low as they are at present is not healthy, it's purely to get people to spend rather than save. Saving actually loses you money nowadays and that's wrong.

Although it's easy to blame the problem on the bankers and the Greeks, the Euro has wobbled because of a global credit crisis (well western world credit crisis) which has been as a result of the property boom bubble of the last 20 years. When houses stopped being homes and became investments, pushing up the prices of houses by stupendous amounts it also forced the amount of credit required to buy a home up massively. Banks profitted from the interest of mortgage repayments far more than investing customer savings, so quids in for them quids in for everyone. But then the growth was unregulated and unrestricted (the ethos of a free market) so house prices have grown and grown and now unless you're already on the property ladder they've become practically unaffordable in many areas and mortgage repayments for all other buyers of late have grown to take a dangerously large chunk of the house income. As a result the amount of "bad debt" mortgages increased massively as the number of people struggle to repay them has increased so the risk of defaults has increased to banks. Although inflation is running at 5%, the Bank of England can't increase interest rates as this would increase the cost of borrowing on mortgages and push more people onto the brink of defaulting on their homes. As the housing market is in negative equity in many places, the banks would be left with a huge "toxic debt".

The system is broken but in my opinion there is one group of guilty individuals who have got away without their share of vitriol and venom directed towards them and that is buy-to-let landlords who have completely mis-aligned the supply and demand for housing in this country and pushed prices up ludicrously. Maggie's decision to sell off the council housing stock without replacing the housing has punished the needy and the low-earning families in our society. You could also argue aspiration property programmes like "Location, Location, Location" instilled a national ethos of "buy a house cheap, do it up, flog it for more money" - rather than "this is my home, where I'll raise my family and be happy".

Fundamentally the problem stems from the greed of the "haves" in our society and the misguided capitalist/free market economic belief in relentless growth. It just doesn't work like that. Continous growth and the lining of the pockets of shareholders and directors should not be the be all and end all of our society but it is unfortunately.

I also think we've not even seen the start of this problem. Until the gulf between the wealthiest 10% of the world, who own 90% of all the money, and the rest of us is addressed this will only get worse. Unfortunately, that'll never happen.

# Posted by Rumble Fat Band - 30/09/2011, 10:00 (GMT)

Put your weight behind a petition being organised.


100,000 signatures and the Government has to debate the issue.

# Posted by NIGHT TRAIN - 30/09/2011, 10:02 (GMT)

@ Willow.....a music response

# Posted by Willow (of somebig™Fish) (Reti... - 30/09/2011, 10:14 (GMT)

I thought our government only responded to e-petitions from the official Government site.

I don't really see the provenance of the above site - which, by the way, is run on donations ....

# Posted by NIGHT TRAIN - 30/09/2011, 11:20 (GMT)

and THIS says it ALL!

# Posted by Synthy Mike - 30/09/2011, 11:43 (GMT)

The grim reality is that in a capitalist society, if traders work their magic well they can make the difference between growth and a recession. He is just a small cog in a big and very corrupt machine. I admire his honesty as his ethos is exactly what our society is based on and we're ashamed to admit it.

The people have been brainwashed in this country that money solves everything and free market economics are the only way forward when in reality it's nonsense, it's just a way for the rich to get richer. Look at the privatised utilities and transport firms. Bills are through the roof and the trains and buses in this country are some of the most expensive in the world AND they get more in subsidies now than when they were state-owned! We live in a society where the biggest killer of old people in winter, that's the generation that fought for our freedom and the freedom of the fat-cats, isn't influenza or heart failure it's actually the fact they can't afford to heat their homes adequately. Heating bills are going up on average 15%-20% this year, has heating allowance off the tories? No it hasn't. I've got less time for the bosses of the utility firms than that stock-broker, at least he doesn't have blood on his hands.

# Posted by Tony- Vocalist - 30/09/2011, 12:12 (GMT)

Maybe not directly music related , but it affects us all and therefore our work .... Nice to hear the comments, there seems to be an agreement with most of us on here that the UK has been shafted.
Unelected persons unknown to us (Bankers and other movers and shakers ) have literally changed the landscape for us and of our European neighbours.
The EEC politicians are on a "lotto" like gravy train, they have pushed for more of our money to keep their train wreck going.
The yearly accounts of the EEC have "Never Ever" been signed off by any accountant. They are rife with corruption and no Accountancy firm or independent body have been able to put their name to them.
Imagine one of us in our business saying to the Tax man, Sorry man, my account cant write off my accounts for this year!
Yet our government still ploughs our money , the British tax payers money into a corrupt (bankrupt?) system.
remember this whilst this government cuts jobs and contracts.
Remember we are not bailing out countries , we are bailing out bankers and politicians.

# Posted by NIGHT TRAIN - 30/09/2011, 12:32 (GMT)

My brother in law worked for the EEC at quite a senior level in Brussels, and he says corruption was rife, However as a power block, the EEC is vital, whether we like it or not. The powers that be (global financial institutions) are actively against it, hence the 'war' against the less wealthy members...there's nothing they'd like better than to see a load of small european states that they could control by financial manipulation. Remember Black Monday or whenever it was where virtually one trader attacked the UK economy?

Personally I'd welcome Russia into the EEC...if the Europeans can't stick it out and make it work, and fall back into tiny states, then it's virtually the end of Western democracy/civilisation...confined to history like all the ancient civilisations...

One Europe is great...just needs sorting out

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