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Posted By : JoeBass | Comments : 10

Make them your own, or stay true to the original?

Just curious. I know by playing covers they are all your own versions but are they just copies or do you try to make them different?

Apologies if a similar blog has been done before, but I couldn't find one.


# Posted by Viva la Coldplay - 29/09/2011, 14:18 (GMT)

I guess if it's a covers band then putting your own mark on them is quite usual

Tribute bands on the other hand try and be as close to the original as possible...

# Posted by THE STAN'S - 29/09/2011, 14:24 (GMT)

Hi Joe

I don't believe we've met yet?

We try not to do songs too much like original but we couldn't if we tried as there are only 3 of us! Acoustic guitar, Acoustic bass, drums and sometimes Sax!

There are some great covers out there where artists have totally changed the song and sometimes it works better, dare i say...

Our new cover song we are trying is definately not going to be like original as we fancy

" Pump up the Jam" 90's House Hit

Just for a challenge lol

Donna x

# Posted by The Kasuals Solid Sixties Musi... - 29/09/2011, 14:24 (GMT)

We don't try and play them note for note like the original but instead put our own stamp on them. We don't wander to far away from the original tracks otherwise the people listening will not recognise them.

Some of our numbers have had the keys altered to suit and one or two have had chords added or re-arranged to make them sound a little better.

Lee :)

# Posted by JoeBass - 29/09/2011, 14:31 (GMT)

@Viva La Coldplay
Of course you will have to stay as close as you can to the real thing. Listen to these and you will know where I am coming from:-

# Posted by LAST GANG IN TOWN - 29/09/2011, 15:07 (GMT)

Some songs are 'untouchable' and need to be played note for note.
Some songs you can play around with and make them 'your own'.
It's up to you !!!!!

# Posted by Stu - 29/09/2011, 15:24 (GMT)

yeah i think it's a 'horses for courses' situation for me too ;)

# Posted by 4most Wanted - 29/09/2011, 15:42 (GMT)

For me, it's either note for note to the original or something completely different. Anything in the middle is usually rubbished.

The Original - a classic

The best version I have ever heard:

Or again - the original classic

Or for the jazz heads,

or even for the Latino's

Whatever floats your boat really.............

# Posted by Andy McCormack - 29/09/2011, 16:10 (GMT)

I reckon if you have an established sound that people recognise it's possible to take a song and completely rework it, eg listeners wouldn't be too confused by U2 playing someones song differently as they'd still recognise it as U2 albeit a cover. However, if your like us in a cover band, when you turn up to a pub no one knows what you sound like. If you start playing lots of reworked songs listeners maybe turned off.

It'd probably be fine if you had completey different instruments eg, Apocalyptica playing Metallica on string Quartet, but I'm not sure about reworking everything. Saying that it'd be virtually impossible for one band to sound like all the bands they cover obviously.

I'd say have a fair old crack of doing justice to the original or use noticeably different instruments. This is just my opinion though, if you hit on a version that sounds great to you guys it'd probably translate pretty well anyway.

# Posted by WAGONTOWN - 29/09/2011, 18:01 (GMT)

Same as Stans,no choice ,thers only 3 of us ,Double bass,Banjo,Mandolin/guitar, so the original has no chance..unless its the Deliverance thing,then all the stops are pulled out, lol...T

# Posted by Bobo - 29/09/2011, 20:56 (GMT)

I think you have to bear in mind the complexities of the original recording and how for example a 3 piece could possibly do it! How about a 3 piece doing Close to the Edge? OK I know that's unlikely but it's only an example. I think you have to simplify the original by picking the most prominent riff and ignoring the rest which you could only copy with 3 or 4 guitarists and 3 keyboard players - oh, and thousands of poundsworth of studio equipment.

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