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Drum and Bass Machine ... thoughts?

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Posted By : Bear Rhodes | Comments : 8

Thoughts on Programmable Drum and Bass Machine

Whilst we are still trying to find a bassist and drummist to join us, we were considering (briefly) about trying a programmable drum and bass machine, anyone got any thoughts? Be kind .....


# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 28/09/2011, 15:57 (GMT)

It takes a lot of skill and practice to be able to play along with machines. They don't understand instructions like "you take this next solo" - they also don't understand when the dancefloor is full or empty.

Some people are comfortable with them but I'm not disciplined enough to feel comfortable with them. Not even for the greater profit at the end of the night.

# Posted by Rumble Fat Band - 28/09/2011, 16:01 (GMT)

Why not go the MiDi route? You can get loads of tracks free from tinternet and then just get rid of the parts you don't want.
We use MiDi for the "stripped down", ie cheaper version of RFB and I was against it at first, but now i love it. Drummer doesn't slow down or speed up.
We do all our own tracks, but to get you going just "borrow" them. You'll need a Midi Player, or convert to MP3 and use whatever.
You never know you might like it.
If you want a chat, drop me a PM

# Posted by John Wilkinson: - 28/09/2011, 16:01 (GMT)

Having played with them Mr Cottonhouse is spot on.

They have two main drawbacks:

1:They leave no room for any improvisation.

2:If you come in late or early you are basically fugged as the drum machine will keep plodding along and wont wait for you to "catch up" or "slow down".

I actually think they make you better at counting as you then have to get your entrances and exits spot on.

Good luck with this


# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 28/09/2011, 16:14 (GMT)

That's right John. I will concede that using a midi backline WILL make you a better musician, you will become more discipline and your timing will be improved for sure.

# Posted by John - 28/09/2011, 20:38 (GMT)

Why you.....I oughta........Phhmmmmeeeeeegghhhhhaaaaaaa..........

Nothing wrong with them at all.

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# Posted by deceased - 28/09/2011, 23:04 (GMT)

thought this was a band site???????????????

# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 29/09/2011, 00:14 (GMT)

@Rollercoaster - not really, venues, fans and even daleks are allowed on here.

@not just Al - haha, no it wasn't intended to be a dig at drummers although reading it again it does look like it! Although is it not a good idea for drummers to practice to a click track?

# Posted by Bear Rhodes - 29/09/2011, 08:41 (GMT)

Thanks Everyone, it was just a thought obv best case is an actual drummer and bass player though, but will look at Midi

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