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I'll tell you what you can't beat

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Posted By : Keith (RED ZOO) | Comments : 11

Blog in the style of 'i'm not having that'

Man u winning
Memorable gigs
Sofia Vergara
Proving to the mrs she is wrong
My les Paul

Go on then!


# Posted by Bass-tard - 27/09/2011, 20:27 (GMT)

Blackburn winning
great gig's with foxy barmaids putting there large breasts in your face (see vikings blog on out on bail last saturday)
Pamela Anderson
The Mrs getting a sore throat and being rendered speechless
My overwater bass

have that!!

# Posted by TEX & THE HARDCORE TROUBAD... - 27/09/2011, 20:32 (GMT)

yer wife anymore, or yer kids !!!!
runs fer cover, lol
oh and the expected Guinness and seafood pizza's with black olives, extra anchovies and chillies ;-)
Wigan Warriors
Hillbilly music ;-)

# Posted by [mark] Into The Void - 27/09/2011, 20:51 (GMT)

ena sharples adopting a doggie position and coyly giving you a sly kittenish come hither smile from under her swinging bingo wings...........

....well you wont be able to get that image from your minds i reckon ... beat that!!!

# Posted by Keith (RED ZOO) - 27/09/2011, 20:54 (GMT)


# Posted by THE STORIES ,The very best! of... - 28/09/2011, 01:13 (GMT)

Too right Argghh ! thanks a lot for that mark .

# Posted by John Wilkinson: - 28/09/2011, 09:11 (GMT)

Seeing my daughter Emily laughing and toddling about when all the doctors said she wouldn't

Seeing my daughter May doing so well at school.

Getting the 5.1 Total Immersion Dark Side Of The Moon Box Set

Playing at The Moses Gate, The Railway, The Cavern, and loads of other great venues.

All the memories I have of being in Face Value for 12 years

The hope that I haven't finished singing Genesis songs for good.

Enjoying the banter and freindship here.

Best wishes


# Posted by Asa - 28/09/2011, 10:54 (GMT)

# Posted by John Wilkinson: Who will be in... - 28/09/2011, 09:11 (GMT)

"Seeing my daughter Emily laughing and toddling about when all the doctors said she wouldn't"

End of blog I reckon. I don't think anyone can beat that.

"Enjoying the banter and freindship here."

Or that.

# Posted by Keith (RED ZOO) - 28/09/2011, 12:11 (GMT)

nope the first one takes it matey

# Posted by [mark] Into The Void - 28/09/2011, 12:14 (GMT)

JW ...thats the winner alright.

# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 28/09/2011, 16:09 (GMT)

An egg..... Oh sorry wrong punchline for a different joke!

How about -

1. 25*-30* sunshine!
2. Mrs Cottonhouse
3. Thursday music nights in Darwen
4. Man Ure losing (it would be my team winning - but it doesn't happen anymore)
5. Festivals
6. My bacon and egg butties
7. Hopstar beers


# Posted by THE STAN'S - 30/09/2011, 10:50 (GMT)

Great Music
My Takamine
My Husky
My Family and Friends
Bacon Butties
Wine ect....lol!

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