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TROOPAID @ the Fox & Lion,Leyland.....

ok,where do i start!

so many people to thank,so here goes.

The Bands......

8Rounds Rapid (punk/indie)
1st time out for these guys and 1st band on stage,but what a great job!!

Total Eclipse (acoustic rock)
Again Debs and Marc where brilliant,awesome set!

Voodoo Cartel (funk/rock instrumental)
Great musicianship,tight as a ducks @rse,springs to mind!

Nosebleed Sam (rock/blues)
Awesome set,loads of dr feelgood,got the evening roking!

RELOAD (rock covers)
Simply amazing way to end the night,and boy can Nic thump them tubs,brilliant!

Now to the people that came,all the nwbers,Tony and Carole (otr),Rick and Ann (45's),Terry (wt),Tony (waitin),Shenks,and all those i've forgotten,many thansk for your support!

The Land lady,Ann-Marie,who did a sterling job throughout the day (hobbling on one leg,due a fall the nite before),Brilliant job.

And My biggest thanks go to my bro Marc (Vankwish),for providing PA,light and sound engineering for the entire event,cheers mukka...

onto the charity,TROOPAID,at last count we had made just over £800 on the day,with still more monies to come in...(taking running total to £7000+,for the year).

on behalf of the RAOB,The Fox & Lion,Ann-marie and myself,i would like to say a big THANK-YOU to you all! without u guys,none of this would have happenend!!!

Thanks and big respect!!



# Posted by WAGONTOWN - 26/09/2011, 09:29 (GMT)

Wel done stixy,your a star.Best evening out for months.i really enjoyed meeting the nwb folk too...T

# Posted by Tubthumper - 26/09/2011, 12:13 (GMT)

It was great to meet some nwb'ers yesterday. Thanks to Marc for doing a great job with the sound, Terry and Wick make excellent roadies (and I'm seriously considering hiring Wick to play "Can't Get Enough" at every gig so that I don't have to), Daz from the Extras who was there to check out the Feelgood factor, Waiting to Join A New Band and of course Stixy who did an amazing job organising the event and keeping it running smoothly.

I managed to catch Voodoo Cartel whose musicianship was awesome. It's very hard to feel engaged with instrumental music but their delivery was fantastic and their sound was tremendous. Next up were Nosebleed Sam who ramped everything up a solid notch and it takes a real man to pull off pink polka dot shoes with a matching pink curly guitar cable. I've insisted that our singer Tom buy himself a pair of pink shoes immediately but he says he has enough on his hands trying to pull off his Freddie Mercury sex vest.....he didn't seem to struggle with it last night though, I suspect the landlady took a bit of a shine to him (it's the killer dimples). It pains me to see him get any attention, don't they realise it's all about me?

Anyway, I had a great time, thanks mainly to Stixy and the wholehearted appreciation showed by everyone there for the mutual effort made by everyone. I would happily do it again anytime.

PS I can't chuffin believe that the minute Wick walked in and bought a strip of raffle tickets he promptly won a DVD player. Oh and Tel's earplugs deserve a special mention for their comedy factor. I don't think funk fusion was quite his thing!

# Posted by novocaine - 26/09/2011, 12:44 (GMT)

thanks stixy. great to hear you had a succesfull day. congrats. stayed to see a couple of the bands. total eclipse. and voodoo cartel. wow!! both bands were superb. an enjoyable day.
was good to see stixxy get involved with a bit of drumming. hope youre on the mend mate,
good job well done,
pete. on behalf of 8rounrapid.

# Posted by Debbie Lee - Alamo / Run For C... - 26/09/2011, 13:42 (GMT)

Such a Great day! :) Well done Stix!! :) xx

# Posted by MICK NASH - 26/09/2011, 13:43 (GMT)

Well done Ian, another triumph.

# Posted by 45s - 26/09/2011, 13:46 (GMT)

Stixy Ian, well done dude, great total that was raised for a worthy cause.

What can I say, beltin few hours for me and the missus. Only manage to catch the last two bands, bought a handfull of raffle tickets and won a rugby shirt and DVD player, got up and did a number with RELOAD met Terry Wagontown and "Waiting" Tony - both really nice guys btw had a laugh with Sabre Pete, who won a bottle of shampers and had a quick chat with Mick Nash - "what a bloody good Doo", lol.

Thanks to Nicola for the Jolly Nailor Birthday Bash DVD, watched it three times when I got in, excellent ! The highlight being Alyerpal and Sabre Pete on Cowbell on "Whole Lotta Rosie" - Classic, gotta upload it to Youtube, funny as hell, lol.

Well done to all concerned yesterday, you are all STARS,


# Posted by Nosebleed Sam - 26/09/2011, 14:57 (GMT)

Hey Tubthumper ! thanx 4 the pink shoes comments lol sorry we couldnt stay 4 all your set (had 2 get our singer home b4 he turned in2 a pumpkin !)

# Posted by DAZ FRONTMAN - 26/09/2011, 18:21 (GMT)

unfortunately i couldnt stay all night as i had a pre arranged outing planned that i had to get back for,

a well organised success all round, i had to leave just before the end of the nosebleed sam set as things always run later than expected which was ashame as i would have liked a chat with the guys, i will catch you round again some time.

good to see some faces behind the names and watch someone else doing the work for a change.

well done to all involved,

one downside i had to drive 20 mins back down the m6 so no chance of getting bladdered oh well.

# Posted by Paul (Hot Water) - 26/09/2011, 22:13 (GMT)

Was indeed a top night - enjoyed by all me thinks!!!

# Posted by stixy - 27/09/2011, 01:04 (GMT)

cheers guys..but what would it be without u guys.....

takes one for the idea,two to help....

and u guys to make it work!!

total £850 for the day!

u know my thoughts!!


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