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Looking for units / back rooms to rent for practice

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Posted By : MikeyTage | Comments : 2

Any ideas welcome!

Hi all

Looking for ideas for places to contact about renting a space for practicing and storage of gear.
All types of places considered; even a spare back room in someones industrial unit if they'd have us!

We would need evening and weekend access for practice and collection/dropping off of gear.

All advice much appreciated!!




# Posted by HINDLEY ARMS (Shelley@Iain) - 26/09/2011, 13:45 (GMT)

Try local pubs hun we have 2 bands and a drummer full time in our cellar and other bands use other rooms in the cellar when we can x

# Posted by Bands/Venues - 27/09/2011, 01:22 (GMT)

Hi Mike,

Give me a call re your requirements for storage and practice space. My name is Angela, I book the bands for a number of venues on this site so it is not the steamhouse venue but me personally that may be able to help... I am a bit out of your way in Sale but call me for general chat if I can help..x

Angela (Ang) 07877 241 271...

leave a text or voice mail if I am unable to answer I will call you straight back x.. even if I cant help I can prob point you in right direction..x

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