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The George and Dragon in Kendal

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A venue review - sort of

Last night we were lucky enough to play at the George and Dragon in Kendal. This is an 'oldy worldy' type pub right in the very centre of Kendal on the marketplace. This is actually a pedestrianised area, however in the evenings access vehicles are allowed, which makes life much easier for loading in!!

We have played here before in the front room of the pub and few months ago, when Amanda told us that the next time we played we would be in the new all-singing all-dancing function room at the back of the pub. She didn't lie. The function room is fantastic and perfect for hosting bands. There is a small, raised stage area at the rear of the room and it has it's own bar. The seating area has been decked out beautifully and it really feels like a proper 'venue'. Probably the best part of this new set-up is the in-house PA system. Now, we have played at a variety of other venues with in-house PA and have usually felt that we'd prefer to take our own gear (no disrespect to pubs with in-house PAs - it's just that you get used to your own gear and know how to achieve the sounds you want with it) however, this pub is a definite exception. Along with the in-house PA comes the in-house sound engineer, Martin!!! And this guy really knows his onions!! After a thorough sound check (all drums done individually etc), Martin had the sound spot-on! Despite taking all of our gear with the exception of the PA system, we found that all we needed was backline and drumkit - Martin already has mics, mic stands, drum mics, monitors, leads and full lighting rig, which he set up for us!!

The crowd were a little quiet at first, but really started getting into it a bit later on. Amanda later explained to us that in all other pubs in Kendal, if people 'dance' or get a little outrageous then they are barred from the pub, so it's taking her quite a while to get the George and Dragon crowd to understand that they are allowed to dance without fear of being thrown out.

All in all, a really enjoyable gig at a very promising venue! Amanda and the rest of the staff here have really worked hard to make things work and the effort seems to be paying off!! Get on here if you can!!!


# Posted by The Villains - 25/09/2011, 15:43 (GMT)

We second that! One of the best venues in the North. Once people catch on it will be even better.
Looking forward to bonfire night when we return

# Posted by Roberto, fretboard polisher - 25/09/2011, 15:57 (GMT)

we are there a week on Sat, ive been looking forward to it and youve confirmed my good hopes for it,sounds ace, just the sort place i love to do cheers :0)

# Posted by ROCKING HORSE - 25/09/2011, 16:03 (GMT)

We did it a couple of weeks ago, absolutely splendiferous. Great venue great hosts and great pa. Martin is excellent

# Posted by Mark C Marauder + Whitefake - 25/09/2011, 16:38 (GMT)

lovely people and a cracking venue although the stage needs looking at as is very easy to fall off when you're packing up lol.
p.s my solicitor from claims direct should be in touch with Manda soon

# Posted by 5th Element - 25/09/2011, 18:24 (GMT)

We agree! We love Amanda and Martin,they are ace! :-) Ann x

# Posted by Hare Of The Dog - 25/09/2011, 23:38 (GMT)

Looks like we're going to be in for a great night, We're there next Saturday, and I really can't wait.


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