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What do you do when someone nicks your band name?

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Posted By : Steve | Comments : 18

German band - Second Function - next single? Navigation Road

I hear their next track's gonna be Johnny Meerkat!!


# Posted by Blues and Beyond - 24/09/2011, 18:48 (GMT)

Stick your mike stand up their rectum !!

# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 24/09/2011, 21:04 (GMT)

Make sure that you advertise your 'second function' tour all over Germany as well as the UK!

# Posted by egbert - 24/09/2011, 21:55 (GMT)

get a crime number off the dibble and claim on the insurance?

# Posted by The Kerbcrawlers - 25/09/2011, 11:13 (GMT)

I'd get in touch with them and politely ask them why they want to put out a record about a UK railway station!

No, seriously... at least they aren't impersonating you and haven't nicked your band name to use as their
name, which would be a nuisance.
I'd put a track out called'Second Function'. I can imagine the lyrics on that one... ;-)

# Posted by Tony- Vocalist - 25/09/2011, 11:13 (GMT)

The problem is when bands share a name it can cause problems when you google the name, especially if the other band ( no matter what country they are from ) are serial bloggers or have lots of posts on You Tube.
If it is going to cause problems for your band name, stick UK after your name. A punk band from the UK had to stick UK after their name so as not to be confused with their American counterpart. (The spitting Vicars UK)
If Im reading this right the German band are called Second Function and their single is called navigation road? I dont think there is much you can do about that one.

# Posted by The Kerbcrawlers - 25/09/2011, 11:39 (GMT)

Suede have had to call thermselves The London Suede in America and The Beat became The UK Beat
over there. Very frustrating.

# Posted by Willow (of somebig™Fish) (Reti... - 25/09/2011, 11:47 (GMT)

What do you do when someone steals your station name for a band!!!

"Navigation Road originally served the local electric trains between Manchester Oxford Road and Altrincham and the longer-distance diesel services between Manchester and Chester. On conversion to Metrolink operation the two services were seperated, and the station now has one bidirectional platform for Metrolink trams and one bidirectional platform for the National Rail services to Chester. To the south of the stop both lines expand to double track; just beyond the station to the north National Rail services are diverted to run along a fomer freight line to Stockport, and thence to Manchester Piccadilly, whilst trams continue along the original route via Stretford which expands to double track."

If I see a Navigation Road ad what am I to do??? go to a gig, catch a train or buy a german single?? (or return??)

I feel dizzy!!

# Posted by WAGONTOWN - 25/09/2011, 11:47 (GMT)

Theirs no one else on the planet called Wagontown,are'nt we lucky ?.......Pardon...T

# Posted by Willow (of somebig™Fish) (Reti... - 25/09/2011, 11:48 (GMT)

oh! apologies to 12string .... i didn't see that up there!!


# Posted by Jez - 25/09/2011, 12:17 (GMT)

the quireboys had to call themselves the London Quireboys in the US. Strange, especially as they were geordies!!!

# Posted by Dillinger - 25/09/2011, 12:46 (GMT)

we have similar situations, so on reserch after we settled on Sabre, we discovered
that other Sabre,s exist in other parts of the world, so not much problem there.
the other band i am involved with chose the name Urchins, now reserch on that name
turned up info that Urchins was some Iron Maiden offshoot outfit, so we changed
the name to the middle english spelling to Urcheons, and that sorted that one out.
so either go with the name you have, or add a bit on, change the speeling. get it ?

regards, Pete.

# Posted by Steve - 25/09/2011, 12:56 (GMT)

Thanks for the blogs fellas - am not bothered by this of course - I just think it's funny that it's happened.

Perhaps we may even get a few German fans off the back of this by accident!!

p.s. - we are named after the station. Our bassist, Digger, is a train driver and the name was his suggestion when we were coming up with ideas. Always felt it kind of describes a bunch of journeymen who are still searching for a purpose in life - nails us to a tee!!

p.p.s - it does cause confusion when we're playing in Altrincham. Apparently a few people have turned up at the Navigation pub asking when the band is on!! Lucky escape for them, I'd say

# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 25/09/2011, 18:13 (GMT)

I thought that the Quireboys changed their name from 'The Queerboys' on the advice of their record company or manager...

# Posted by LAST GANG IN TOWN - 25/09/2011, 18:52 (GMT)

Back on topic here...
If the band are called 'Second Function' what's the problem...If they've released a single called Navigation Road then I don't see it being a problem for you. And with all due respect, I'm not sure a professional Recording German band will have heard of you guys, or even care...
We have a problem with a young indie band from Leigh who think having 'The' in their title makes it totally different...Last gang In Town OR The Last Gang In Town....this is a real problem which has caused some confusion and inconvenience to people who've travelled to see us only find them...but they refuse to change it...pathetic eh!!!!
Now if there was a band called 'The' Navigation Road you'd have a real gripe...and I'd back you guys up to the hilt...
Such is life

# Posted by Jez - 25/09/2011, 18:57 (GMT)

@CHS - I think your right on that score too RE the Quireboys


# Posted by Steve - 25/09/2011, 20:25 (GMT)

@Gary - that must be very frustrating, I'd be well cheesed off if I was you

Of course, the 'Navigation Road' thing isn't a problem, I was just so amused by it, I felt like blogging it - and I'm certain that Second Function have a lot in common with the vast majority of the UK - in that they've never heard of us and don't care :-)

# Posted by John Wilkinson: - 26/09/2011, 10:38 (GMT)

@ Gary.

Is that still going on matey? Thought it was sorted? Cheeky buggers


Best wishes


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