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Big Gig - Lead Vocalist too sick to sing - Help!!!

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Posted By : LeFunk! Soul/Disco/Funk Party/Wedding/Function Band | Comments : 7

What do you guys do in a situation like this?

I've just got up, made a coffee and sat down in a relaxed state looking forward to a big gig we have at Shrigley Hall tonight. Quick check of emails ...... lead singer feeling very ill, bad throat, struggling to sing. Suddenly we're in panic mode - this is a high profile gig with press coverage and we perform for two hours. It's all classic soul/Disco covers and we have all our set available to watch on Youtube if someone needs to refer to it. We also have all the lyrics in a word doc. The covers are in the most part the same as the originals.

She's since said that with various amounts of near lethal poisons and non prescription drugs (hah ha just kidding) she thinks she can do it as long as we drop a couple of the songs. However, after the shock of this I realise that although we've talked about this sort of thing potentially happening, we've never really planned what we would do if it ever did.

So my question is, have you working bands out there had any similar experiences and maybe have some recommendations as to what you did. Also perhaps there are session singers capable of stepping in and doing a reasonable job. I'm sure there must be a lot of bands out there who fear this happening but also have not really thought about what they'd do, so this could turn in to a well referenced thread if some good advice comes out of it.

Cheers all and have a good giggin weekend


# Posted by Rumble Fat Band - 24/09/2011, 10:10 (GMT)

Hi Dave,
Funnily enough although we have neve been in quite the same situation, we have used dep musicians at the last minute but never a vocalist. Only time we used a dep singer we had a couple of days to go through the numbers and not sure I would want an unrehearsed vocalist to step in last minute.
Fortunately we have never had to cancel last minute either but we have an arrangement with a couple of other bands of similar genres where we can cover gigs if required.
It works very well and we have won a few and lost a few, but at least having the "get out of Jail" card is a great feeling.

# Posted by LeFunk! Soul/Disco/Funk Party/... - 24/09/2011, 10:20 (GMT)

Hi Stuart,

hope all is well with your band. I think you're probably right. It's either your own vocalist or get another band to play instead. We're going for it tonight now with our own vocalist, I'd like to see you guys play some time as you would be a good replacement for us in terms of genre. The only other band I would trust to fill in at the moment - and who wouldn't charge royal rates would be Defunked, who I very nearlycontacted the lead singer of when the panic began.

Let me know when you have a local public gig coming up Stu and we'll try and come out and see you.


# Posted by VANKWISH - 24/09/2011, 11:14 (GMT)

Worst experience of my "career" was a throat infection that i thought would never mend!!
Lostmy voice for about 6 weeks, scared me to death. Sii awlays give this adcice to any singer..
It's what the doctor said to me.

Your voice is the most important thing youve got, take care of it. If its broke get it fixed and give it time to heal..

Tbh, i was crapping mi pants it had gone for good . But plenty rest and it was fine.

So i sayto your singer, no gig is too important to ruin your voice. 100% is better than 90%.

Either way hope it works out.

# Posted by Rumble Fat Band - 24/09/2011, 11:27 (GMT)

Hi Dave,
Funnily enough DeFunked are one of the bands we work with and trade gigs with. Nice band a great bunch of people.
Funnily enough we are playing locally in a couple of weeks, (14th Oct). Will send you the details when it gets firmed up.
Hope all goes well tonight. We are playing a wedding in Appleton in a Marquee. A gig picked up last minute as a NWB unfortrunately had to pull out.

# Posted by LeFunk! Soul/Disco/Funk Party/... - 24/09/2011, 12:55 (GMT)

Oh biscuits - I'm away at a Jazz Guitar event in Wrexham that weekend!

# Posted by The James Vezer Experience - 24/09/2011, 13:22 (GMT)

Hi grown ups!

I'm the baby here, ripe age of 17. I can't help standing in for your singer, but if you stuck I could do my stuff with backing trax and you jamming along? I do covers of the usual, Kings of Leon, Stereophonics, Snowpatrol, Amy Winehouse, Santana, Hendrix Red Hot Chillies etc. Have about 20 gigs under my belt. My website is www.jamesvezer.com
Good luck in any case

# Posted by LeFunk! Soul/Disco/Funk Party/... - 26/09/2011, 12:32 (GMT)

Thanks for everyone's comments. In the end our vocalist sang and her voice sounded great to me. Fortunately we had a much reduced set on the night as there was so much fund raising activity going on. Certainly has made me think we need to be betttter prepared for this potential problem though.

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