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Posted By : stixy | Comments : 10

some of u know me....

others don't..

i used to be the drummer with 'Vankwish',until bouts of neck/spine surgery took care of that!
since then i've devoted my time to charity work,

i''m still off work,on shity benefitis,and i don't expect sympathy either....i'll get behind a a kit in some form or other....

hence why i've gone on the scrounge to get bands to play for my charity events....and i will be on the scrounge again, and i apologise in advance!!



# Posted by Mick (ex Bad Horsie) - 23/09/2011, 23:49 (GMT)

You've been through a lot and taken it with good grace mate. Every credit to you. There are folks around who will gripe and bitch about their situation. They could do with taking a leaf out of your book.

I don't know you that well, but anyone who acts like you have and is respected by Marc Oxley gets my respect too.

Should circumstances allow I'll be pleased to help you out with whichever band :o)

# Posted by [mark] Into The Void - 23/09/2011, 23:57 (GMT)

and i would play to the opening of a can of coke, and a worthy can of coke works even better for me ..... so with mick that would be half a band at least :o) ditto mr oxley comment...

# Posted by Asa - 24/09/2011, 07:39 (GMT)

Yep, you seem like a decent enough chap. It sucks that surgery has impacted on your playing career but fair play for applying you enthusiasm in other ways. I would happily do more charity work if the opportunity arose. I would need to find the other 4/5ths of a band though.

Or provide photography/video services www.facebook.com/stpuk

# Posted by Bill - 24/09/2011, 09:06 (GMT)

stixy... i will help out with anything you can get organised

# Posted by Dillinger - 24/09/2011, 09:21 (GMT)

all the best matey, your a diamond. and a top
drummer ta be sure.


# Posted by Alyerpal - 24/09/2011, 13:34 (GMT)

Don't be apologising for helping good causes Ian.

It would have been easy for you to take the 'I can't play anymore, so sod the music scene' attitude, but instead you have stayed involved and used your abilities to help other people.

You are to be applauded.

Let me know if Poison Whiskey can help you out next year.


# Posted by Gary Bill - bass - 24/09/2011, 14:24 (GMT)

Hi pal,

i dont know you but from the above posts you seem a top guy, so to follow suit of the other great bands here best of foo would be up for giving you a hand should you require a good foo-ing!!!


# Posted by stixy - 24/09/2011, 21:12 (GMT)

many thanks for your comments,and offers to help out in the future(bad move on your parts,as i will take you up on it..lol)

seriously tho....i do take my music seriously,and only now,after 18mths away from it,can i face goin to watch bands again,and i'm starting to enjoy it again, i will get behind a kit again..all be it a hybrid..but in the meeen time.... be warned...i will be the scrounger from hell.....already thinkin of a xmas (mid december) gig!

will be the last one for TROOPAID,as we change it every year!

many thanks again


# Posted by Paul (Hot Water) - 24/09/2011, 21:30 (GMT)

For all those on here who either just know about about Stix (a.k.a. Ian) through his drumming career, those who have just seen his postings on here, and even for those who don't know anything about him, I think I can fill in a few blanks (hopefully without him shooting me down in flames)...

History is that I've been mates with him for ooh... err... errr... hmmm.. let me think... about 30 years (gulp!)

I even remember him getting his 1st drum kit as a Xmas pressie and there being no kick pedal for the bass drum (Ian - I'm sure you remember this too)

However... back on topic, when I think of the amount of pain, hassle, medication, surgery that he has put up with it, yet he still manages to be actively involved in whatever capacity possible with the music scene and arrange charity events...

Ian - you deserve a pat on the back at the very least (but not too forcefully) and don't worry you don't have to buy me a pint tomorrow at the event - in fact I think I'll be buying you one!!!

P.S. - I solemnly swear I have not been cajoled/encouraged/persuaded to write this post by anybody else :-)

# Posted by stixy - 24/09/2011, 22:12 (GMT)

lmao....yeah Shenks......the missing bass drum pedal!!

me, u and Mcmoose avin a jam in my mums lounge....fekkin ace!

be good to see ya tomoz fella!

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