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who still practises at home?

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Posted By : Blackjacks | Comments : 11

gigging regular .... do you still noodle

well do you!!!

or do you just have a bash when you need to learn new songs??


# Posted by Cornerstones - 20/09/2011, 20:03 (GMT)

Absolutely mate. Then again I've got about 70 + songs to hold in my head. I also do solo.

# Posted by Kevo - Roadhog - 20/09/2011, 20:08 (GMT)

Usually have a stum through the night before a band gig - again 50+ songs. Constantly keeping the solo acoustic songs practiced and updated.

# Posted by Alyerpal - 20/09/2011, 20:18 (GMT)

Yup - I do 2 - 3 hrs a week, mostly for stamina, but also to try out different kinds of music, just to broaden my horizons.

Doesn't seem to be working though.....


# Posted by Mick (ex Bad Horsie) - 20/09/2011, 20:19 (GMT)

Absolutely. Got to keep the chops up and new song arrangements coming.

# Posted by MICK NASH - 20/09/2011, 20:28 (GMT)

Yep, most days, if only to freshen up songs I haven't played for ages and to put more of my stamp on regular numbers. I sometimes do a couple of hours, sometimes more. I try to learn new songs every week too... but don’t always manage it... preferably learning new techniques in the process.


# Posted by Roberto, fretboard polisher - 20/09/2011, 20:35 (GMT)

band songs regular at home, i need to make time to learn other stuff for fun as well, piles of tab gatherin dust :0(

up for learning some Europe and Mr Big at the moment, (tries to switch telly off)

# Posted by Black Thursday - 20/09/2011, 20:41 (GMT)

Yeah, all the time, if I didn't then I'd get a blank spot halfway through a number on stage, keeps me in shape with all the numbers.

# Posted by VANKWISH - 20/09/2011, 20:52 (GMT)

I practice about 2-3 hours every night, npt the instument i play on stage though, taken up drums, been playing about a year now, need a back up plan fof when my voice goes!!!

# Posted by Guilty Pleasures - 20/09/2011, 23:11 (GMT)

Not regularly unless I'm learning a new song, or refreshing something for a dep gig.
I know I should...

# Posted by 45s - 20/09/2011, 23:24 (GMT)

I practice about 2-3 hours every night, not the instument i play on stage though, taken up vocals, been singing about a year now, need a back up plan for when my grip goes!!!

# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 21/09/2011, 01:55 (GMT)

I have a guitar in my hand frequently throughout the day, therefore when I get home I do practice yes...... but not every night.

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