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Venue Warning - The Three Horses in Keighley

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Posted By : The Wes Paul Band | Comments : 9

One for the avoid list

We were booked to play at the Three Horses in Keighley after dropping in our CD when we were driving past a few months ago. The landlady rang us up, asked if we had the date available, we said we did, so we booked it in the diary and that was that. We sent out a couple of posters.

When we turned up on Saturday night, the girl behind the bar said that they didn't have any bands booked to play that night. So, we rang the number that we were booked off, got through to the same woman who booked us, who then said we were only ever pencilled in and because we hadn't rang back to confirm she'd assumed we didn't want the gig. And she said she never received any posters. We have been having a few problems with the post recently so I can give the benefit of the doubt that maybe she never got the posters, but the other stuff was never mentioned in the first phone call. If she'd said that I needed to ring back to confirm then I would have done so, but the phone call was simply - do you have that date, yes we do, right let's book it in. This has never happened to us before but basically we turned up on the night and were turned away again.

We felt very frustrated, upset and angry about the way we were treated and feel it was totally unfair. Whatever has happened there's obviously been some kind of mix up, I think there's a good chance she just forgot to book us in properly and then tried to turn it back round on us on the night because she realised she's made a cock up.

Either way, it's safe to say we won't be contacting them again for another gig and I just wanted to give bands on here a heads up. They don't have music very regularly on there anyway, I think it's only once or twice a month, but just beware.


# Posted by deceased - 01/08/2011, 20:10 (GMT)

not good mate .... hope you didnt travell far? ..yes one to avoid . cheers for the info .

# Posted by Willow (of somebig™Fish) (Reti... - 01/08/2011, 20:33 (GMT)

don't know about one to avoid, perhaps one to ring up the week before to confirm. Oh, but that'll be all of them wouldn't it???

# Posted by Blackjacks - 01/08/2011, 20:45 (GMT)

Ringing a week before wont stop you from getting screwed like we did by the 'VENUE' in colne last friday. We rang on the monday no mention of the butlshit stunt before we got there, if you want the full version look at our blogs.

Still think we should have a sticky post for Venues who screw you about!!!!

# Posted by Willow (of somebig™Fish) (Reti... - 01/08/2011, 20:55 (GMT)

I read all that BJ .... nothing to do with this scenario tho is it?? You were royally screwed, these were just screwed!!

A phone call may have stopped any sexual activities in this case even tho it didn't in yours


# Posted by The Wes Paul Band - 01/08/2011, 20:58 (GMT)

In future we are going to ring the week before, especially with new venues, we've just never had to do it before in 4 years of playing together as a band; but it's better to be safe than sorry and I think we're gonna take extra precaution now just to avoid anything similar happening again.

# Posted by THE STORIES ,The very best! of... - 02/08/2011, 00:16 (GMT)

Feel sorry for you guys ....even after being on the circuit all that time it just goes to prove that how good a band you are these days that nothing is safe ,the real probl;em is with new venues /places setting up is the turn over is so great that they may be there trying to get a band venue type pub up & they find out its not working out & look who suffers ,we had one in accy ,got there & it was their last night (little did we know )& they ran out of beer so everyone left ...just put a tick against it & move on ....but at the same time a good warning to other bands ...

# Posted by deceased - 02/08/2011, 12:40 (GMT)

we turned up last year to a booking and the place had shut down 2 weeks before we were due to play !!
never bothered to let us know !!!!! nature of the beast at the moment im affraid !!

# Posted by Urban Valley Chickens - 11/08/2011, 23:49 (GMT)

Any one come across pre-gig contracts. Particularly if dealing with promoters/agents. I've come across acts getting gigs the night before to fill in for, shall we say cancelled acts. I might be barking up the wrong tree here but who knows?

# Posted by Roj (Black Rose) - 19/08/2011, 17:02 (GMT)

That sninks, very unpro.

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