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A polite response costs nothing

How many bands have responded with pm's to those venues who post "urgent band needed for xxx date" blogs and then qualify this with pm through NWB only.

How many bands get a reply of any sort?

These are not unsolicited mails, they are a response to a request from the venue, so is it unreasonable to expect a reply?

Venues, if you have not got the time or have too many responses to reply, post an update on the blog, it takes a few seconds.

I have to say that the vast majority of venues on here have responded, this is aimed at the very few who don't.

I know this subject has been raised before but just wanted to get it out of my system!


Rant over... have a good weekend everyone.


# Posted by Alyerpal - 11/06/2011, 10:33 (GMT)

Totally agree - manners cost nowt, but you REALLY remember the people who snub you.....


# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 11/06/2011, 11:59 (GMT)

I agree too

# Posted by HYDRA - 11/06/2011, 12:14 (GMT)

spot on Alan; I replied to blog and sent PM's to two venues over the last week or so, who were supposedly "desparate" to fill a cencellation; I didn't get so much as a "thanks but no thanks" reply, or "already filled, but we'll keep you in mind for any future gigs". I wouldn't mind, but one of them (who shall remain nameless) we have actually gigged for, and went down a storm; the landlord has all the contact numbers etc, but for some reason it didn't occur to him to just make a quick call......it's just plain bloody rude, not to mention frustrating.

Let's face it, we all know who the decent venues are, and they are all regular users of this site. For the others, I suppose it's not thier fault that they're luddites who can't cope with this new fangled technology, eg using a mobile phone, emailing, using social networking sites to promote thier business etc.....


# Posted by Kev Ex PINK FLOYDish - 11/06/2011, 12:45 (GMT)

I agree, well said


# Posted by The Wes Paul Band - 11/06/2011, 13:04 (GMT)

I couldn't agree more. I've even used more than one contact option before eg. sent a PM through here and a text message to a mobile or email to another address and it's definitely annoying to get NO response at all. I'm sure that most bands would be happy with just a quick reply saying the spot was now taken or whatever. Ahh well, just the way it goes I suppose.

# Posted by Jez - 13/06/2011, 20:43 (GMT)

if you check the venues that behave that way Al, it seems amazing quite how often they seem to be asking for bands at the last minute....mmmm .... wonder why? ;0)

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