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Supercharger - Now on the NWB Homepage

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Posted By : mr.nwb | Comments : 19

Fantasic rock covers band from southport now gracing the NWB homepage

Thanks to SuperCharger for being proactive in not only trying to promote themselves, but also by supporting the running of NWB in doing so.

With a homepage placement they will be seen by over 1500 NWB visitors a day, and will surely be getting increased bookings and exposure (ooer).

If any other bands are wanting a homepage spot. Prices are £20 per month. (PM Me)

Check out SuperCharger at http://nwb.co/supercharger


# Posted by The Dean Casement Trio - 07/06/2011, 12:44 (GMT)

haha 20 quid a month... Fuck that!!! Have i missed the punchline or something?

# Posted by Asa - 07/06/2011, 12:49 (GMT)

Is that 1,500 unique visitors?

# Posted by Andy McCormack - 07/06/2011, 12:50 (GMT)

Cheers Mr NWB. Great exposure. Lots of visits by the public. Well worth it. Andy

# Posted by mr.nwb - 07/06/2011, 13:31 (GMT)

Yes, Unique visitors, and definately not visits (hits)

Heres the last 7 days unique visitor count..

June 6 - 1,737
June 5 - 1,673
June 4 - 1,507
June 3 - 1,635
June 2 - 1,719
June 1 - 1,732
May 31- 1,918
May 30- 1,845

As I've found out at gigs, we have a large proportion of people who dont actually log in (or have an account), but do actively read the blogs, and look up the gig guide. A few of the local radio stations use the gig guide too (even signed up on here as members)

@Dean Trio - £20 is peanuts for advertising. Especially on a site of this nature, which gives you top promotion to a target audience. The bands on the homepage get far more profile visits then any of the other bands.

# Posted by The Dean Casement Trio - 07/06/2011, 13:33 (GMT)

OK then, sign me up!!!

# Posted by James - Metalleeka + AC/DCe - 07/06/2011, 13:49 (GMT)

Becareful what you wish for Dean... the dreaded jinx of the NWB homepage may strike.. it's had several... Steelfield, The Fix, and now Mr. NWB's faves Pheonix...

# Posted by Andy Wood - Marauder, Whitefak... - 07/06/2011, 13:59 (GMT)

ha ha! indeed it has!

# Posted by The Black Watch - 07/06/2011, 14:00 (GMT)


when on the homepage the fix didnt neccesarily receive a deluge of INCOMING offers for gigs BUT when we rang venues they recognised the name and eventually remembered us from the NWB homepage, so it does hold a certain amount of weight

although obviously the curse made us split up so i wont be held responsible for a rebate of any fees the band earnt historically as im now in a lowly, broke, pittance earning etc etc originals band


ben - TBW

# Posted by The Dean Casement Trio - 07/06/2011, 14:20 (GMT)

On first thought I was 'bollocks to that' but I will try it... Mr North west bands man. Send me the info.

# Posted by Asa - 07/06/2011, 16:39 (GMT)

If anyone needs any photos taking for their new homepage profile, please let me know.

Discounts available to NWB members.


# Posted by LAST GANG IN TOWN - 07/06/2011, 17:29 (GMT)

Arse licking, blue eyed brown nosers...

# Posted by Andy McCormack - 07/06/2011, 17:33 (GMT)

@LGIT LLLLLLLLOOOOOLLLL. Mr NWB put a blog on the other day mentioning it and I went for it. Also the arse licking helped.

@ST we are actually looking for photos dude. You got a website?

# Posted by viking - 07/06/2011, 17:46 (GMT)

@ lgit-oi!! "blue eyed"?????? i suppose blond(e)s are next in the firing line???? :-P

# Posted by LAST GANG IN TOWN - 07/06/2011, 18:44 (GMT)

''V'...Only if they worm their way onto the home page...

# Posted by The Dean Casement Trio - 07/06/2011, 19:09 (GMT)

I am far from a brown noser.

# Posted by viking - 07/06/2011, 19:10 (GMT)

@ lgit-h'mmmm. :-/

# Posted by Asa - 07/06/2011, 22:25 (GMT)

@Supercharger - you can find me on Facebook: ST Photography. Only got a few pics up there as I'm only just starting out. However, my prices reflect that and you won't be disappointed.

# Posted by THRUST Rock band - 08/06/2011, 17:44 (GMT)

arse licking!!! w.t.f!! how middle aged punk rock

# Posted by viking - 08/06/2011, 18:33 (GMT)

@ eddie,supercharger-didn't blackadder have some kind of evidence that the bishop of bath and wells was into that kind of thing-with a dude called "percy", i recall-didn't have blue eyes, though-more an "off red". ;-D

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