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Has NWB Scored you a gig?

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Posted By : mr.nwb | Comments : 58

Have you scored a gig through using NWB? Let me know

Would be interesting to measure how many gigs are scored by bands through the site.

If you have got a gig through NWB, please leave a comment below.

One comment per band, please!



# Posted by The magic bus - 31/03/2011, 18:56 (GMT)

To be fair we have had a few gigs through NWB and it is of course a super effective communication pathway for us and indeed venues for which we thank you. despite the travelling involved we would rather be playing than not.once again we salute you.
Regards Alun

# Posted by Steveo (singer of beautiful so... - 31/03/2011, 18:59 (GMT)

I think the majority of CORNERSTONES' gigs have been asa direct result of NWB. Just waiting for them to roll in on my solo career.

# Posted by Dillinger - 31/03/2011, 19:02 (GMT)

yes we have too.


# Posted by Smitten Kitten - 31/03/2011, 19:15 (GMT)

We've had about two off here

# Posted by Steve Slinger - 31/03/2011, 19:37 (GMT)

I remember doing some dude's wedding ...........

# Posted by Alyerpal - 31/03/2011, 19:58 (GMT)

Kingpin also aswell too furthermore........


# Posted by Strangelove - 31/03/2011, 19:58 (GMT)

Yes! We've been part of the community for about a month and we have had 2 bookings from one venue - lots of near misses in the Band Wanted category but hopefully our luck will change on that one. Also had some great comments and encouragement from other bands so thanks!!

# Posted by Billy B - 31/03/2011, 20:24 (GMT)

yep!! quite a few last minute fills last year :)

# Posted by Face It! - 31/03/2011, 20:26 (GMT)

Think we've had two for which we are eternally greatful!

# Posted by The Wes Paul Band - 31/03/2011, 20:46 (GMT)

Yeah we have had five bookings off here from two different venues.

# Posted by LAST GANG IN TOWN - 31/03/2011, 20:48 (GMT)

I don't rely on NWB for gigs....I get off my arse and put in the miles/hours.....We've just passed our 200 gig mark and I can honestly say I've got 2 gigs as a direct result of NWB.....both cancellations at The Bath in Morecambe & The Gardeners in Oldham.
We play quite a few venues that are on NWB but played them before I knew of NWB and a few have been recommendations from NWB members who've steered me towards a venue listed on here.
The vast majority of venues on NWB won't touch us with a barge pole because we're not a nice little 'Teenage Kicks' Punk band.....
So, 2 out of 200.....you do the Math......in fact. If it wasn't for my charm, wit, charisma and love of my fellow man.....I wouldn't bother.
For me it's about the people and the scene in general when I'm NOT gigging myself.....

# Posted by Strangelove - 31/03/2011, 21:06 (GMT)

I wouldnt rely on NWB for gigs but it is certainly a great resource for venue information - thats as good a start as any band needs. You cant get away from putting in the time and effort of ringing / dropping into venues to blag for gigs but having a page on NWB to direct people to is invaluable in my opinion

# Posted by Shredder - 31/03/2011, 21:20 (GMT)

We had some from NWB so count us in

# Posted by Out-Foxed - 31/03/2011, 21:26 (GMT)

We started getting gigs pretty much as soon as we signed up!

# Posted by The Sanity Clause - 31/03/2011, 23:20 (GMT)

We've got a couple of gigs at least via NWB

# Posted by Whiskeyhead - 01/04/2011, 09:54 (GMT)

Not A Sausage!!
Plus last week I got criticised for promoting a Whiskeyhead gig at The Witton Chimes this Saturday!

# Posted by No Boundarys - 01/04/2011, 15:04 (GMT)

Yes i have with Whatever and No Boundarys.
I think that is the short answer.


# Posted by Chris ( ex Catdog ) - 01/04/2011, 17:55 (GMT)

We have got at least three new venues thanks to NWB and endorsements from the good people on this site.

# Posted by Andy Mack - 02/04/2011, 23:21 (GMT)

I've had lots recently Paul all through here- Black Dog ossy, Hindley Arms, Styles, Townhouse Macc, and a few others- cool!!!

# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 03/04/2011, 00:15 (GMT)

Old Bank Inn,
The Brow,
that place in Clayton.

Coming up-

La Trappiste
Dog Inn

# Posted by Willow (of somebig™Fish) (Reti... - 03/04/2011, 10:35 (GMT)

Yep ....... and i've sent some money thru to Paul to help with the upkeep.

smug?? me??? really????


# Posted by Mitford Rebel - 03/04/2011, 13:32 (GMT)

Yeah, we've had one gig through here! Although I'm sure we could've had a lot more if we were more into playing pub long sets. However we're more of a band night band in general. Well, that's what we get offered more anyway.

# Posted by Gypsy - 09/04/2011, 11:57 (GMT)

Yep, just yesturday in fact and we've only been on here about a fortnight! And yes I have donated how could I not. Thanks NWB

# Posted by Havoc 51 - 15/04/2011, 13:52 (GMT)

we're a bit of a funny animal. We write, record, sell our own stuff and play under our own banner. We also do full rock nights with classic rock. As side projects we also go out in smaller numbers to do the regular circuit.

This site covers all angles for what we want to do, and the info on venues, the scene in general has been invaluable.

Gigs - funny enough our first one through here is this Saturday night. We have another one at the end of the month through here. There are two venues (both very active on here) who have agreed terms with us but for whatever reason won't commit to a date. So it's very hit & miss.

The two gigs we have are both pop rock nights, and we're finding it virtually impossible for any of the classic rock venues to give us a second look, and for the life of me can;t understand why. A great shame as away from the venues on here we're very busy with repeat gigs.

# Posted by MICK NASH - 28/04/2011, 22:07 (GMT)

I've had two:

29 November 2009, The Wellington Barnes Square Clayton Le Moors were let down at short notice and I became available through an agency double booking me at a gig in St Helens (funny, I've never double-booked myself) so James Luke put me in touch with the venue because I was driving....home from St Helens... with the hump!.

18 December 2010 Hindley Arms were left bandless and posted on here.

So, just those two, but it shows the power of NWB. I spend a lot of time foot-slogging, clocking up miles, knocking on doors, calling back and mithering and that's where the gigs come from but when I'm free I look on here first for any NWB venues who are stuck for an act.

# Posted by The Drunk Monkeys - 11/05/2011, 08:54 (GMT)

Great site, we have had several gigs from here in quite a short time...
keep up the good work.

The Rainmakers

# Posted by Stu - 11/05/2011, 09:18 (GMT)

Not scored us a gig yet directly but I wouldn't have put Poison Whiskey together as well, as quickly or maybe even at all if it wasn't for being on the site with my previous band so it has done us a lot of good as a band and also for me personally as well.

Hopefully the gigs will come now we're ready for them too ;)

# Posted by A'priori - 11/05/2011, 17:06 (GMT)

Had a couple of gigs thru NWB, original bands always seem to struggle, but must thank keef for his help, along with The Avenue and Whittles for giving us a go!

# Posted by Midnite Johnny Band - 24/05/2011, 16:53 (GMT)

We've been contacted from many venues on here..But what I find is most venues don't really follow up after contacting us...Usually have to call them "many times" to book something..Plus with what is being offered pay wise..Its a lot of effort!!!!...Most of the better paying ones we book out of the area....MJ

# Posted by walter mitty's head - 06/06/2011, 22:12 (GMT)

got a message from the stocks hote in walkdenl for a gig this friday and we've only been signed up a week or so,
we'll pay our quid when we get paid.

# Posted by DIME STORE DUKES - 04/07/2011, 19:25 (GMT)

got quite a few gigs of here alot dont want to pay the right price its the way you sell yourself i guess

# Posted by Mungo Parks - 17/07/2011, 16:39 (GMT)

Yes we have at least 3 bookings directly from NWB so it's great for connections, many thanks :o)

# Posted by Motion Empire - 04/10/2011, 22:27 (GMT)

We have had none! But early days!


# Posted by Manni ..DESOLATION ROW - 15/12/2011, 11:57 (GMT)

contacted loads of places on NWB and would be a basic courtesy if any of these venues actually got back to you - in any way shape or form .
have even offered first gig at new venues F.O.C. nothing.
gotta agree with THE LAST GANG IN TOWNS view - get off your own arse and find em .... which we are doing -
get the impression this site is clicky - you send someone a message and nothing back
not overly impressed to date - although a mate of mine from another band - has siad it takes a few months - becaseu fo all the bllx that some rogue bands cause etc et ec ....
disillusioned is a understaement .

# Posted by noneoftheabove - 10/02/2012, 23:13 (GMT)

Like DESOLATION ROW I have PM'd every venue within a 35 mile radius, and got 3 replies, all "no"s. Luckily we have got lots of gigs from our contacts, and pretty much always get a return invite once we play somewhere. A lot of venues say they're fully booked until next Xmas (ie 10 months away), to which I always reply, yeah so are we, how about next year?

# Posted by Electro80s - 02/03/2012, 15:51 (GMT)

We had two enquiries, but we were above their budget, but thanks anyway !

# Posted by Chuck Wagon Rock n Roll Show - 17/04/2012, 18:34 (GMT)

Had 3 gigs and lots of enquiries, superb web site thanks

# Posted by Wangies - 25/05/2012, 19:00 (GMT)

And many more!!

# Posted by Stataz Quo - 04/07/2012, 00:15 (GMT)

No !

# Posted by Me V Mortality - 28/07/2012, 19:01 (GMT)

not yet, but we need more material I think, only got 35 mins so far. More soon. Which reminds me, anyone looking for support slots/openers? ;)

We've contacted a few venues, one has got back to us on here and another through our facebook, nothing concrete yet though.

# Posted by WAGONTOWN - 08/08/2012, 06:42 (GMT)

Weve done about 45 gigs since we formed 18 months ago, and about 10 of those have come from NWB venues. 5 of those came from me sending PMs, and the other 5 came from venues contacting me.
Having said that , i dont contact venues that appear to be strictly 'Rock'. ........Tel

# Posted by Planet Graffiti - 08/08/2012, 09:37 (GMT)

Yep we got a gig and we only signed up yesterday! We will definately be using this site..it's awesome!!!

# Posted by THE STANCE - 05/09/2012, 09:27 (GMT)

Had our first one booked through NWB last Saturday (1st September).

Another 3 booked during the course of the next few months too.

Glad we found this website.

# Posted by Dresden North End - 06/12/2012, 20:46 (GMT)

we ve had a lot of gigs from here, but it was hard work for 6 months. loads of messages and visits to venues. we supported a lot of strugglin pubs, instead of sittin back and waitin for the gigs to come. NWB opened a lot of doors for us and we ve met loads of cool people and made a lot of friends.


# Posted by Exit 7 - 07/12/2012, 19:24 (GMT)

Just joined last week and got a gig straight away :)

# Posted by False Cross - 12/01/2013, 11:18 (GMT)

We've had a couple of gigs from NWB.

# Posted by The Day After - 13/03/2013, 09:29 (GMT)

Joined fairly recently, and looks like we have our first!

# Posted by Clash Of The Titans - 21/04/2013, 23:18 (GMT)

This site has been of immense help to me and the guys in Fretsaw. Even though we have only been a member for just over six months. I have quickly established which venues are more suited to our style of music, and acquired gigs because of this.
Admittedly, you still have to put the work in, and travel to these venues, but it's thanks to this site, that these venues became known to us.
I hope NWB lives long and prospers. A very good site indeed!


# Posted by PR2 - 04/05/2013, 21:22 (GMT)

None from NWB. We are on about a dozen band hosting sites and the most successful to date is The Band Directory scoring us about 6 gigs.

# Posted by Covered in punk - 24/07/2013, 10:24 (GMT)

We scored a gig in Blackpool recently.. And yep, I donated my £1 :)


# Posted by Dirty Hands - 25/07/2013, 16:21 (GMT)

Yup one gig but we rely on other sources as well


# Posted by That Manchester Sound - 13/01/2014, 17:35 (GMT)

We've scored several gigs through the site so thanks NWB! You're of great use! Swinton British Legion found us on here which led to one of our best gigs of 2013 to name but one. :)

# Posted by The Starlings - 05/06/2014, 12:48 (GMT)

Just got our first gig through NWB, thanks and will donate!

# Posted by The Monkeymen - 30/06/2014, 21:13 (GMT)

Dunno, I can't see how to post gig details on this site.

# Posted by Salander - 08/12/2014, 20:56 (GMT)

Got a NYE gig on here last week haha

# Posted by Clark and Paige - 13/07/2015, 22:50 (GMT)

Not yet

# Posted by The Shambollix - 20/11/2015, 11:17 (GMT)

Thanx we scored two gigs from nwb page .

# Posted by THE CHAIN - 24/01/2016, 19:05 (GMT)

not yet but still hoping

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