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I am stepping away from gigging for a while.

Quick update...if anyone is bothered.
I am stopping gigging for a while, while hopefully the physio i am having and probably
an op sort my bloody painful elbows out.Gutted about this but hey ho!!!
Been carrying this for two years now and it needs bloody sorting.
The guys are carrying on gigging with Shep (thanks) stepping back into the fold.

Anyway this gives me more drinking time and more time to catch some more of you guys
off here, tinned tomatoes at the ready.



# Posted by mr.nwb - 29/03/2011, 18:08 (GMT)

When's ya last gig dude? Was hoping to pop down at swinton.

# Posted by Dean (Drummer) - 29/03/2011, 18:08 (GMT)

Hey Aiden, sorry to hear that buddy...hope you get sorted soon & back playing again...you'll soon get the itch before long.

See you around, Idle Promise at Rose & Crown this Sat if you're at a loose end.


# Posted by 45s - 29/03/2011, 18:19 (GMT)

All the best Aiden, hope to see you and your good lady soon matey,


# Posted by No Boundarys - 29/03/2011, 18:20 (GMT)

It has been done Paul....georgia browns last saturday.
Top gig to finish off on. Had a word with the lads after it and asked them to ask
Shep the old guitarist and luckily he can take over from this saturday which is a relief.

Cheers Dean will catch you down there soon for a drink, there are a few good bands playing there in the next month or two if you are not out gigging at the same time.

Cheers Rick Catch you on Friday hopefully?


# Posted by Stu - 29/03/2011, 18:26 (GMT)

Hope you're sorted and back out there soon mate - good luck with the physio and the op if you need it.

At least you can concentrate on the drinking for a while - silver linings and all that ;)

# Posted by No Boundarys - 29/03/2011, 18:30 (GMT)

Cheers Stu.
I can catch Poison Whisky now...get a move on.

There is always a silver lining...mmm beer :0)


# Posted by the old cock and oak bar. HALI... - 29/03/2011, 18:32 (GMT)

dont get lifting to many beers...use a straw. good luck and we hope it all goes well for you. see you soon
dee and dave xxxxx

# Posted by Alyerpal - 29/03/2011, 18:37 (GMT)

Shit Aid - how we gonna get The Dogs out again if you're not in action?
Ah well, like you say, we'll have to fit more beer in

See you soon


# Posted by 45s - 29/03/2011, 18:48 (GMT)

Aiden, no need to catch me on Friday, I won't be drinking, pmsl,


# Posted by Stu - 29/03/2011, 18:51 (GMT)

@ Aiden - better locate my voice first, as it appears to have gone a-wandering!

a date for your diary/drinking schedule then sir - 6th May at OMT ;) - (shameless gig plug No. 1)

# Posted by Stu - 29/03/2011, 18:54 (GMT)

and as Dave and Dee said, don't be putting strain on the elbows lifting pints - get someone to load one of these up for you

# Posted by mr.nwb - 29/03/2011, 18:59 (GMT)

Typical! I get a weekend free, and you go and quit the band! Lol

Hope to catch up with you soon dude - it's been wayyy too lonnngg

# Posted by Asa - 29/03/2011, 19:25 (GMT)

@Aiden - I didn't know the elbows were giving you so much grief? Good luck with the recuperation and I'm sure you'll be back soon enough. Last time you had some time out, you were chewing the restraints on your straight jacket to get out gigging again! All the best matey.

# Posted by Graham - Mustard - 29/03/2011, 19:56 (GMT)

Bad news matey ...we'll have a beer to commiserate on Friday! (Although you always were a lazy barsteward!!)


# Posted by hulkamania78 - 29/03/2011, 20:39 (GMT)

Aid maybe we could do a WHATEVER tribute band? Me you Tom Kev and Bev?

Hang on that is the original WHATEVER.

Love you really Asa!!!

# Posted by Alyerpal - 29/03/2011, 20:41 (GMT)

Bloody hell - he'll be forming a band with Greg the Lazy Drummer soon and nicking non of our gigs!


# Posted by TEX & THE HARDCORE TROUBAD... - 29/03/2011, 20:51 (GMT)

ooooh nooooo !!! I will copy yer some Steve Earle cd's to listen to whilst recuperating ;-)
See ya Friday matey !!

# Posted by No Boundarys - 29/03/2011, 22:12 (GMT)

Lol dave/Dee Stu....straws might be the future.
Weird thing is the elbows dont hurt after a few beers...weird eh!!!

Tell me about it Asa,it will drive me mad after a month or two.
Al that could be a good idea with Greg, i could still say i am in a band and not worry... ;0).

Chris it was Fi....not Bev. Oh well thats ruined now..lol

Graham cheers mate, you can get them in after Tex has got thr first in. on Friday :0)

Cheers to all.

# Posted by Off The Rails - 30/03/2011, 09:51 (GMT)

sorry to hear about that Aiden, I hope you recover soon, we have had a few times unable to gig for several reasons over the past 6 months, so I know how you must feel.

all the best Tony

# Posted by No Boundarys - 31/03/2011, 13:58 (GMT)

Cheers Tony.
I will definitely miss it but needs must. When i get these elbows sorted i will be
bustin a gut to get back out playing.


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