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What's the best distortion box?

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Posted By : Hollow Dog | Comments : 12

For cranked Marshall sound

One for the geetar players out there - I assume that there are more than one or two.....I use a Fender DeVille 2x12 through the clean channnel and I love the clarity and generous bass response. However, the dirty channel sounds shite so can anyone recommend a good distortion box to get the clean channel sounding close to cranked Marshall territory (I'm thinking early EVH to Gary Moore type sounds)? I'm currently using a Zoom G2.1U on the 5150 (EVH) setting, which gets me close-ish but no cigar. I think I can do better with individual boxes but I'm bewildered by the sheer amount of choices and I don't have the time to try em all out. Any advice would be greatly appreciated....


# Posted by Glyn H - 28/03/2011, 21:15 (GMT)

this was mentioned in guitarist magazine and looks pretty flexible ... cheaper than most too


# Posted by TEX & THE HARDCORE TROUBAD... - 29/03/2011, 07:20 (GMT)

What about just usin yer Marshall Pat ?

# Posted by Jez - 29/03/2011, 07:34 (GMT)

Blackstar HT-Dual is versatile - 2 distortions and a clean on it. You can dial it in between american and uk sounds.

# Posted by Keith (RED ZOO) - 29/03/2011, 09:03 (GMT)

Marshall Shredmaster if you can find one

I have one that could be for sale.......?

# Posted by Midnite Johnny Band - 29/03/2011, 11:11 (GMT)

Anolog Man...King Of Tone...Nothing Better.. You gotta get on a waiting list to get one!!!!!

Radial Tone-Bone....Nice Fat Overdrive/Distortion sounds (has a 12ax7 tube in it)...

# Posted by TEX & THE HARDCORE TROUBAD... - 29/03/2011, 12:16 (GMT)

@Kingpin Keith, could Pat try it out ? I can vouch fer the guy, he's a really good mate of mine ;-)

# Posted by Daz (scopyons) - 29/03/2011, 19:09 (GMT)

According to Keith Page Gary Moores guitar tech, gary only ever used the clean channel on his amps (gain right up) , Marshall or Soldano , and used a Marshall Guvnor MK1 or a TS9/ or TS10 tube screamer to push the amp into overdrive - running the amp at a very high volume, for recoding Gary would sometimes set his amp up in a tiled shower are in the studio loos and record it there as he like the natural reverb, I must admit ive copied this approach with my 5150 and my DSL and find the clean channel with and OD pedal gives a really sweet spound loads of sparkling dynamics etc , Id try the same approach with your fender amp you can pick a BOSS SD1 up for about £25 on ebay an excelent OD pedal

# Posted by Smitten Kitten - 29/03/2011, 20:21 (GMT)

The blackstar Ht Duals are pretty good but your never gona get a sound like a proper Marshall whatever pedal you get

# Posted by Black Thursday - 29/03/2011, 22:00 (GMT)

I'd agree with the Blackstar HT Dual pedal, with your clean channel this pedal will give you 3 channels.....clean, crunch or loads of distortion.

Cheers M

# Posted by Hollow Dog - 29/03/2011, 22:04 (GMT)

Thanks for the input everybody. I have to admit there is no substitute for the real thing but I need the clean tones of the Fender and I don't want to drag my Marshall around as well (Tex). The KOT is out as I can't wait a year and probably couldn't afford it anyway. Will definitely try out some of the others though, @Kingpin, how much would you ask for the shredmaster if you were selling it (PM me)?

# Posted by Hollow Dog - 29/03/2011, 22:17 (GMT)

There's a King of Tone on Ebay right now at a mere 300 quid buy it now! cgi.ebay.co.uk/.../140528541771
Way out of my budget....

# Posted by Glyn H - 01/04/2011, 22:26 (GMT)

the Blues guys swear by this.... but Jeez!


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