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Opinions please !

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Posted By : Nick (Catch Afters) | Comments : 15


Just wondering what your opinions are on venues not informing bands of closure/change of owner. We have recently had two venues change owners or looking at closing in the near future, and neither of them have informed us. I understand that these are hard times but do we not deserve a common bit of courtesy and to be kept in the picture about the venues future ? I will say that this site and the bands we have met on it have been how we have found out about these venues, so it works well as an information source. What are your thoughts ?


# Posted by Asa - 28/03/2011, 20:53 (GMT)

Yes, the cancellor should inform the cancellee as a matter of courtesy. Yes, this website is very informative.

# Posted by Alyerpal - 28/03/2011, 20:53 (GMT)

You would think it would be common courtesy to let any bands booked know what is going on.

However, put yourself in the place of the Landlord/lady - your business is going under / you are going to lose your livelyhood.

Are your priorities going to be to make sure your entertainment knows of your troubles, or are you going to do the best you can for yourself?

If it is just that they no longer want you on then yes, they should inform you. If it is a change of management ten, yes they should inform you.

If the pub is going under however, I think it is probably less than likely that they will let you know.

It's still shit though....



# Posted by HINDLEY ARMS (Shelley@Iain) - 28/03/2011, 21:08 (GMT)

Most of the bands who play the Avenue are now friends so if we ever find out we are leaving i would hope to have a big jam night so we could say our good buys so if it does ever happen that we are leaving we will put a post on saying this and inviting everyone. If NOT we got 5 1/2 year left at the Avenue OMG that will be a leaving party

Venues if you are goin under post it invite the bands to say good buy and leave with a BANG X

# Posted by Stataz Quo - 28/03/2011, 21:54 (GMT)

Nicky , its coz some of them are Bar Stewards ,Ha Ha ! get it Bar Stewards

# Posted by The Wes Paul Band - 28/03/2011, 22:20 (GMT)

@ Dakota, lol.

Yeah, I think venues should let bands know if they are closing down or changing hands - I mean, imagine if you turned up at a gig and it was all boarded up, or if it was a new manager and they didn't know anything about you, that would seriously suck. I also think they should give at least 2 weeks notice, as then you've got time to try and find another gig.

I'm not just applying this to venues, I think the same should apply to bands. If you need to cancel or change dates for whatever reason you really need to do it at the earliest possible notice, dumping venues in it at the last minute isn't cool as much as it's not cool for a venue to cancel a band at the last minute.

In short, if a band cancelled at the last minute then they probably wouldn't get booked back again so I think it should also be the same in reverse, if a venue messes you around without enough warning or good reason, then just avoid them in future.

# Posted by Nick (Catch Afters) - 28/03/2011, 22:22 (GMT)

Trig, Bar Stewards ! Get yer coat !!!!!! Lol

# Posted by Stataz Quo - 28/03/2011, 22:29 (GMT)

we have had this on numerous occasions Nick , it aint gettin any better mate . you know the score , in an ideal world they should have the decency to let us know , But i bet half the time they are doing moonlight flits mate leaveing an unpaid beer bill themselves dude ,

There are countless blogs on here over the last year to prove most of the above , inc not informing bands guess we just have to tek it O'nt Chin lad .
see yahh next week , if my Emzy hasnt got paceing the wards lol


# Posted by HINDLEY ARMS (Shelley@Iain) - 28/03/2011, 22:55 (GMT)

trig get her up rivey in your van on the thur so we can wet the babies head x x

# Posted by Stataz Quo - 28/03/2011, 22:57 (GMT)

Ha Ha ! Oh she wioll thank me for that ehh Shell, also just pm;d you shell

# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 29/03/2011, 01:02 (GMT)

We turned up on Paddys Day a few years ago to find that Maguires was boarded up. What are my thoughts?

Throw the fuckers in the canal!

# Posted by THE STORIES ,The very best! of... - 29/03/2011, 01:13 (GMT)

we have been on the road for years now ( we aint bragging about how many gigs we"ve" played) but things have changed a lot over the last 2 yrs ...places are closing re-opening all the time & its really hard work keeping up & we feel really sorry for any young band in this day & age wanting to get on the circuit & the problems that they are facing .....right ! 1st off all send your posters off & at least 2 weeks before your playing just give the venue a ring ...hope this helps !

# Posted by ... - 29/03/2011, 04:06 (GMT)

We cant blame stressed up managers of pubs who's Bosses drop Bombshells on them that theyre OUT on short notice to inform bands (im sure they want the owners to take the shit )............but we still like to check that the venue is still on a couple of weeks before hand .just in case ....but thanks to 7 Stars for notification ..well in advance....Brownie points carried on to their next venue if they do x !

# Posted by Catch Afters - 29/03/2011, 06:40 (GMT)

To be fair Nick, I did get a PM from the 7 Stars letting me know and apologising, so you cant ask for more than that.


# Posted by LAST GANG IN TOWN - 29/03/2011, 12:41 (GMT)

If yer birds fucks off on you, you're always the last to know.....
Probably not the best analogy....but the point is don't get caught with your pants down.
ALWAYS contact the venue before the gig...best to visit in person, maybe drop posters off in person...keep in touch with the venue.....make sure you exchange names, e-mails, Facebook, and phone numbers.....
I've heard stories where a band has rung a far off venue....got a gig for 12 months off.....then just turned up on the far away date to find the pub has been turned into a MacDonalds.....
No contact = No information.
We got 'done' at the Blue Boar in Bolton a couple of years ago....turned up to Tin Windows and locked doors....it's the only pub we didn't have a contact number for....and we got done.
Lesson learned....keep it touch with you venues.

# Posted by Mark bassist in Piggery Bandan... - 29/03/2011, 13:08 (GMT)

I second that Riff Raff .... 7 stars did the same to us .... A very nice apologetic email, I was disappointed but impressed at the same time (fair play to em!) .....

I feel damn sorry for any venue that closes down, and while i can symapthise regarding the band being far down the priorities list, its a case of treat as you wanna be treated (Like everything else in life!)

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