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Shop links not working

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Posted By : Synthy Mike | Comments : 8

Pop-up blocker is disabled on my machine too

Is it just me or are the shop links not working? I wanted to do a bit of t'interweb shopping. If it's not just me, any ideas when they'll be back in commission?


# Posted by Tubthumper - 28/03/2011, 16:19 (GMT)

I thought they weren't working the other day but i hadn't read the instructions properly! I found that if you click the icon of the shop you want to search in (the outline of the box then changes colour) and then put your "product name" (ie thing you want to search for) in the box under the icon and then press go it works fine. At least it did for me and was a marvellous excuse for yet more online retail therapy.

# Posted by mr.nwb - 28/03/2011, 19:52 (GMT)

What browser are you using? Internet explorer? Firefox? Are you on a pc or mac?

Hit ctrl + f5 on your computer, that should flush the browser cache

Click on the stores you want to search on

Enter the thing you want to buy e.g lady ga ga cd

Click GO

# Posted by Synthy Mike - 29/03/2011, 07:26 (GMT)

Ahhh I understand now - I thought you just clicked on the store and it took you to their page!

# Posted by mr.nwb - 29/03/2011, 08:16 (GMT)

Nope, it's a bit more clever'er than that :)


# Posted by Synthy Mike - 29/03/2011, 10:44 (GMT)

Cool, ordered Mrs Synthy (well more like Mrs Metal) a couple of rock-related birthday prezzies via Amazon. Going to hit play at lunchtime.

# Posted by mr.nwb - 29/03/2011, 12:51 (GMT)

Someone searched for "fingerless gloves" the other day - wasnt you was it? lol

# Posted by Synthy Mike - 29/03/2011, 13:32 (GMT)

Ha ha ha, I was going to order a tube prep h but I've got second thoughts now....

# Posted by THE STAN'S - 29/03/2011, 16:25 (GMT)

Sometimes it takes a few minutes to get going but works eventually, i've ordered a few things :) Good luck!

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