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The Old Town House Jam Venue (warrington)

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Posted By : The Alchemists | Comments : 3

Great Venue

Hi All

Just wanted to say a massive thanks to all staff and management at the old town house in warrington for last night.

We played with Dientes another warrington band, we were welcomed with a free drink on arrival, then played to a great crowd, was a great night in all.

So must say thanks to the audience and Dientes, our best gig so far, this is an established venue definately worth checking out for playing and watching.

Cheers Ian


# Posted by Black Thursday - 27/03/2011, 18:33 (GMT)

Sounds like you had a blast. This is a good little venue, well worth a visit.

Glad you sorted your bass player.

Cheers Mike

# Posted by The Alchemists - 27/03/2011, 21:18 (GMT)

yeah, we managed to only get in 3 rehearsals with the new bass player and he was awesome last night.

It is a crackin venue, well looked after.

# Posted by Havoc 51 - 28/03/2011, 00:50 (GMT)

How did you do it.

We've sent letters' e-mails, cd's, free shit, called, made personal calls. It;s the one venue that seems impossible to get near ? Blind ignorant in lots of cases and it;s not just us !

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