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Empty pubs on a Sat Nite WTF !

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Posted By : Stataz Quo | Comments : 17


Well it appears every band on nwb had a blinder last nite ,sept us ! The Fleece in ashton was how can i say ! fookin empty , we had a crowd of apprx 6 maybe 10 at best all nite , very poor turn out indeed for the Fleece,

Yvonne even sent her bar lad home early ! wtf
Not our fault Yvonne says Sat nights are going worse and worse for her ,so much so she is thinking of stopping bands on Saturdays and just doing fridays, this is very sad and obviousley even more so if you like us take saturdays as your main gigs , as due to work etc etc we would prefer sat nights .

For the few that did come out to watch a band , i thank you very much and the response we got from the few was great and appreciative , as a band we actually had a belting gig with some fine solo's from our ade to last nite , just a shame it was only to a few ,

But hey , times are DEFFO very hard now and in my opinion , just gonna get worse as the year go;s on ,
I feel sorry for all the landlords and ladies in the pub game at the mo coz its a deff struggle thats obviousley affecting us all .
Thanks again to Yvonne for striving to keep music Live in a dieing Industry ,but i sincerely hope there is a turn around very soon ,but i doubt it !

Trig & The guys


Ps, i dont like self reviews and backslapping etc etc , i think perhaps that should be left to the punters who care to watch you ,unfortunately tho , like the pubs , not many punters come on here , so i guess we do have to now and again eh lol


# Posted by On The Edge - 27/03/2011, 14:16 (GMT)

had a few like that trig [out of town gigs] nowt you can do mate.
your next gig will be packed. keep ya chin up and keep rockin

# Posted by Stataz Quo - 27/03/2011, 14:25 (GMT)

Cheers mate , i know , but in 26 years of playing etc i dont think i have ever seen pubs so empty on a weekend ,I meen its disheartening for us , but i feel so sorry for the managers etc ,
wtf ! has this and pevious Gov done to us all ? The working class folk allways managed to have at least a few jars at their local even in poorer times which we have all had ! but the heart and soul has now been ripped out of us all in my Humble but poor opinion ! lol

# Posted by Poundstone - 27/03/2011, 14:25 (GMT)

It's a rum state of affairs at the mo mate, we've had our fair share of quiet ones too, and ANYONE who says they haven't is talking out of their arse. It's at those times when you have to dig deep and remember why you do it week in week out. The money isn't fabulous, some of the gigs may be quiet, but playing live music is very much a labour of love. You just have to take the rough with the smooth, and as you say there might be a lot more rough to come. Stick with it though mate - plus side there's always a boom after a bust! :)


# Posted by DYEHOUSE - 27/03/2011, 14:36 (GMT)

The Fleece has always been hit and mis on a Saturday Night!
It's on the local pub crawl circuit so they tend to come and go all night?
Friday has always been the best night to play the Fleece! that's when the proper band watching audience attend!
Just put it down to [more] experience Trig! [and ask Yvonne for a Friday night next time!!!]
dont let it gityerdarn lad!!

# Posted by Idle Promise - 27/03/2011, 14:36 (GMT)

Trig We didnt have too bad a turn out at the Eddy last night so couldnt complain. It is very disapointing when that happens though but our local pub is like that it can be very quiet after the football has finished. I think people have taken to doing different things on Saturday night now. Fiday seems to be the new Saturday if you know what I mean

# Posted by WINGIT - 27/03/2011, 14:37 (GMT)

I know mate. I usualy put it down to the fact that it's the third weekend of the month and everyone's run out of wages. watch next week when everyones been paid. everywhere will be rammed. We had a quiet one too on Friday, but it was a last minute gig, but I suppose as long as the band has fun, the 10 or so crowd will enjoy it just as much.... All the Best

# Posted by LAST GANG IN TOWN - 27/03/2011, 14:40 (GMT)

Well done for being honest...it's easy to come on here bigging yourselves up after a 'Great' gig...but how many have the humility and honesty to share 'bad' experiences.....not many I fear.....every credit to you and may your next gig be a belter to make up the Fleece.....

# Posted by NIGHT TRAIN - 27/03/2011, 14:49 (GMT)

what were you saying about saving some punters for you?? :D
I paid £3.30 for a pint of lager last night...first time I've ever paid over £3...normally have a rum n black to go with it when I'm going on, but didnt dare at them prices.
(and a £3.30 pint means next time price goes up 10% its a £3.60 pint...and one more after that takes it up to £4)

# Posted by Stataz Quo - 27/03/2011, 15:39 (GMT)

Thanks guys , dont worry i know the score Im an owd dog at this game lol, just sounding off and a tad concerned lately as we all are Im sure , I didnt book half as many gigs as we did last year for band members requests etc plus it aint the money aspect as we all work etc , but i guess you allways expect a good response from a decent sized crowd when you gig , so its a downer when it isnt ,
Purposely i have ,and will put more into my PA hire side this year , so if yahh need anything dont forget to gizza shout , well as long as our venues still keep goig that is lol

# Posted by ROADHOG - 27/03/2011, 17:07 (GMT)

Hi Dakota,
Sorry to hear 'bout the poor turnout.There's nothing worse than trying to build momentum and adrenalin when there are no people to rock out to.
The Fleece has had a tradition of Friday live acts that preceed Yvonne ,going back maybe fifteen years.
Yvonne has tried to inject some Saturday night entertainment,but unfortunately with little luck so far.
Being an Ashtoner myself,I know that we are a creature of habit.Hopefully things will change sooner rather than later.
Keep on rocking.
Rocker Lee

# Posted by HINDLEY ARMS (Shelley@Iain) - 27/03/2011, 19:10 (GMT)

Hi Trigg

We had a bad turn out last sat for Hard to Handle which as you know are a great band who play The Avenue all the time like your self. Max said a few times in the night where is everyone we lost a few to the white lion because it was there closing night, Tom A was playing for wulf bane in leigh ,there was a 40'th in abby st and a party in the musk and the B/head had a band on had a great night as max and band where drinking because it was local so some fun times where had JUGS @ THE BAR £5.50

Fridays can be a bit hit and miss in here but we keep fighting with the support of some great bands. But there nothin worse for landlord's / ladies than than a empty pub we all need to fight this together REMEMBER SUPPER MARKETS DONT DO BANDS

# Posted by chopperhontas - 27/03/2011, 19:53 (GMT)

Trig. At least our testicle tales (stories) kept us amused in the half time break!!!

# Posted by Stataz Quo - 27/03/2011, 20:02 (GMT)

Ha Ha ! it did ian ,and shell , we will tell you our testi (or lack of em ! ) tales in a few week

# Posted by Steve - 27/03/2011, 20:05 (GMT)

know what'ya mean - we had two men and a whippet a few weeks ago in Knutsford and then were packed in Northwich last night.

Rough and smooth I guess - keep on rocking!!

# Posted by Stataz Quo - 27/03/2011, 20:19 (GMT)

True ! i hope the whippet fuckin paid tho lol
As you said Keep on Rockin !

# Posted by THE STORIES ,The very best! of... - 30/03/2011, 01:02 (GMT)

tell the band not to worry as in this day & age we are all up against it & its just a sign of the times ...keep on rockin ,just consider it a small set back ..

# Posted by Synthy Mike - 31/03/2011, 11:39 (GMT)

Wonder if it was anything to do with England vs Wales? I remember the last time that game was a 3pm kick off me and all my mates were that drunk by 9pm that we were staggering around Manchester aimlessly like something out of Dawn of the Dead. Perhaps everyone who'd normally be in the pub had run out of steam, or were doing similar fits of drunken carnage to me?

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