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Review: Beat Fiction

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Beat Fiction @ Jackson's Pit last night

Arrived at this place - which is right under Whittle's ready to play what must have been our 250th gig in18 months, great venue,a cellar bar with vaulted ceiling's and an excellent layout - but I digress...

As you can imagine we've played with lots of bands, some good,some Ok, but most generally rather poor aside from one or two songs you remember for about 30 seconds. Slipper gazers through to metal and a huge number of Clash-wannabies. Don't get me wrong, I'm quite partial to good Clash-wannabe bands, its actually very much my thing which is why I find so mnay really disappointing! Had never heard of this Beat Fiction lot from stockport and so wasn' quiteexpecting what we got!

They get up on stage, I go for a cigarrette. Rude? Probably, but as I say I've seen too many supporting bands, who run off with their mates as soon as they've finished, to really care about etiquette :-) Put the damned thing out after about 30 seconds! The noise coming from downstairs sounded pretty good and so I hobbled back down as quick as me currently knackered leg could carry me.

This band were superb, start to finish. Genuine riffage, one of the fullest sounding 3 pieces I've heard - I would go so far to say ever. Front people, singist/geetar man named Joe and a Limahl lookalike (I kid you not) singing bassist who I think was called Ant, play off each other superbly not only during songs, but equally importantly between. Really engaging with the crowd who really appreciated them. Even our drummist was stood up feet a tapping throughout the set, a first!

Anyway, enough rambling. If you get. The chance to see them do! They on myspace at http://myspace.com/beatfictionmanchester so you can check them out too. These lads have, if they get the breaks, a really good future ahead of them.

As an aside one of my bugbears is bands on the same bill who turn up with their mates and leave as soon as they've played. Really pisses me off, if nothing else its disrespectful - you sit through our set, but we ain't going to return the favour and I also believe its one of the reasons why venues don't take a punt on original music a lot these days - bar takings vary throughout the night blah blah and so on. Anyway, it was great to see the first band on the bill stay through to the end, the Beat fiction chaps didn't but the most important member, the driving dad, came up and was most apologetic as he had to go to work or something early doors and he had to drag them home after they came off at 11.45ish - so flair play to both in this respect.


# Posted by Tubthumper - 27/03/2011, 14:07 (GMT)

Great review. And you're spot on about bands not doing themselves any favours whatsoever in not sitting out the night. "Support" band means more than playing to your mates and then chuffing off with them the first chance you get.

# Posted by lynnmonk - 09/04/2011, 22:20 (GMT)

Hey! I often tap my feet to the other bands on the bill. I was only stood up because the leather sofas were occupied!

I agree though. Beat Fiction were a great band.

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