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Posted By : mr.nwb | Comments : 23

We've recently moved to a new, more expensive server...

A couple of weeks back I moved the site to a bigger server to help cope with the demands of the site. Coupled with the vat increase this has meant a serious hike in the monthly costs.

I've been determined to keep nwb free for everyone to use from the outset, and not exclude anyone from using the site. A subscription model might scare off potential community members, and isnt something I want to move towards at the moment.

To help with the running, all I ask is that you use the 'quick shopping search' facility on the right hand side of the comm blog.

1) click the merchants/stores you want
2) enter a search e.g 'chas and dave dvd'
3) click go

Nwb gets a small % commission of anything you buy. (bit like cashback)

Many thanks for your continued support.



# Posted by steve c - 26/03/2011, 08:54 (GMT)

always used to log in to ebay on the old format tried the new one it does not work,server error 404 appears,any suggestions mr nwb

# Posted by The magic bus - 26/03/2011, 09:05 (GMT)

Hi Paul I've just tried it too and got error 404 regards Alun.

# Posted by Glyn H - 26/03/2011, 09:14 (GMT)

heres an idea...
how about doing a NWB Bonus ball ... weekly 49 numbers £1 a week via paypal or google checkout winner gets 50% of the takings... rest to server fund?


# Posted by mr.nwb - 26/03/2011, 11:12 (GMT)

Should be working now folks - Thanks for the heads up!

Remind me not to mess with things on a Saturday morning :-)

# Posted by LAST GANG IN TOWN - 26/03/2011, 12:56 (GMT)

Yay...just bought The Best of Chas & Dave for £3.99 ..... Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit.....

# Posted by Keith (RED ZOO) - 26/03/2011, 13:21 (GMT)

links arnt working pal?

# Posted by Ross! - 26/03/2011, 13:33 (GMT)

I second the bonus ball idea.

# Posted by mr.nwb - 26/03/2011, 13:40 (GMT)

@kingpin - You might need to "allow popups" on your browser

# Posted by Glyn H - 26/03/2011, 14:31 (GMT)

wow Frozen Broadcast ... i thought no one was listening.

# Posted by mr.nwb - 26/03/2011, 15:30 (GMT)

@ Frozen - Nice idea, but I think i need a costly gambling/raffle license to do something like that.

# Posted by THE STAN'S - 26/03/2011, 20:04 (GMT)

No worries, I'm off to shop! I fancy that chas and Dave too !!

# Posted by mr.nwb - 27/03/2011, 09:52 (GMT)

Looks like you guys where busy shopping yesterday.. MASSIVE THANKS!

This is what was sold yesterday via NWB..

Learn To Play Stevie Ray Vaughan Volume 1 [DVD]

Hama Track Pack II Rucksack

XtraFlex SUPER L.E.D Music Light - Black

Canon 38 Colour Ink Cartridge (CL-38)

# Posted by Willow (of somebig™Fish) (Reti... - 27/03/2011, 10:10 (GMT)

there better be a feckin black cartridge with that colour one!!! I ordered a twin pack!


# Posted by George - 02/10/2011, 16:48 (GMT)

I appologise in advance for disturbing members, but I just cannot see any obvious way to post a blog and advertise for a band...Could someone please point me in that direction?
Many thanks

# Posted by viking - 02/10/2011, 17:01 (GMT)

@ g-message sent.-and "welcome to la la land"!! ;-D

# Posted by Willow (of somebig™Fish) (Reti... - 02/10/2011, 17:27 (GMT)

I think any disturbing members should be apologising for themselves!


# Posted by THE USUAL SUSPECTS uk - 04/05/2012, 10:36 (GMT)

Hi Paul
How can my studio in Oldham advertise on your site.
we have 24 track digital recording and backline/pa/full storage and rehearsal rooms.

# Posted by Jez - 29/10/2012, 10:00 (GMT)

@TBC - go to your profile page and Add Blog section, then check box musicians wanted or whatever it says

# Posted by tinkyadventure - 19/11/2012, 00:19 (GMT)

could someone plz tell me how to start a thread ... im wanting to put meself out there as a singer/backing singer thanks guys!!

# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 19/11/2012, 00:34 (GMT)

@Tinkyadventure - Click on your name at the top right of your screen. On the left hand side you then should have a list of options. Click on 'post new blog' - hope this helps.

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