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Coco lounge - new venue review

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Posted By : Jez | Comments : 19

new gig on the block

Went tonight to the opening night/1st gig as far as I'm aware at this venue.
Looking forward to seeing the band (Riff Raff)) who had to change to Mothers Ruin due to problems; looking forward to it all the same, seen their name on here.
Turns out it's same guitarist (talked to him in interval, top bloke - apologies, I am shit with names!!!).

Anyway, venue review.....
Walked up to bar and asked for a pint of bitter. I was told there was none on but had cans of Boddies - said ok, I'll have a can. As I'm waiting, somebody comes up and says there's a door charge, £2.50...
bit much for Bury on a wednesday!!!
Pay it anyway.... "£3.00 please"!!! - 3 quid for a can of Boddies ffs!!!
... So thats £5.50 midweek to see a band I am not familiar with,,,, Hello!!!!

Mothers Ruin are good, if you haven't seen them, I recommend you do.

Will I go back to the Coco Lounge midweek on the off chance the band are good?



# Posted by Enigma - 23/03/2011, 23:52 (GMT)

That is ridiculous, it's not the MEN! people haven't got the money these days and venues are treating the punters like TWATS! It won't last long then.

# Posted by Jez - 23/03/2011, 23:57 (GMT)

Well i'll be honest... I won't be rushing back!!!

# Posted by Stataz Quo - 24/03/2011, 00:13 (GMT)

was wondering , how many where in ? and the door charge prob is offset for the band fee , will wait to see what ian says re the venue ,but i agree , dont think it will last long myself , pluss midweek to ! Hmm ! not when yer working next day

# Posted by Out-Foxed - 24/03/2011, 00:57 (GMT)

Hmmm... I'd heard about this gig via Riff Raff and was invited down (couldn't go as was seeing a friends band in the Towler) but was going to enquire about a gig there none the less. But if it's a pay on the door fee for punters to see a cover band, I don't really agree with that. Would be different if it was for original bands, but as I (Gemma) am in two bands, (one original, one cover) I understand how both sides (should) work. The venue should drop the door fee!!

# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 24/03/2011, 01:15 (GMT)

They are obviously very experienced at running music venues in the north of England.... And £3 for a can of Boddies?? (shakes his cottonhead disbelievingly)

# Posted by MOTHERS RUIN - 24/03/2011, 01:26 (GMT)

Posted by DAKOTA - 24/03/2011, 00:13 (GMT)

," will wait to see what ian says re the venue "

Yr wish is my command Trig........... We covered again for RIFFRAFF at short notice as the drummer has now done himself in ...Dave a couple of weeks back ..def the Voodoo curse .....

The venue is being hired/booked by Maxine as a Bikers Rock Nite ...alot that were invited didnt turn up ....i wasnt aware of the door charge till Jez n Al (Lie Ability) told me !!! ...mb cos it was quiet the door charge was applied.....mb to keep the riffraff out (well that certainly worked ..ha ..oh my sides !!!) 10 or more devils disciples showed up and a handful of punters as well ..app no football on so Bury and pubs were quiet ..so i dropped the fee to suit ...im nice like that !!!

The venue is on silver st right on the corner so bad for parking if you dont get a free parking space outside the one way street .....its a long room but not that wide ..so big PA is not needed as the sound funnels out into main bar area ....so not a bad off stage sound ...a bit live on stage area tho ....and prob ok for a 4 piece...we as a 3 piece had enuff room but no leaping about tonite ...........we went down well ...and the 2nd set with Rockin in the free world & DC Livewire got the punters interested thru the rest of nite with stairway & Highway at the end .............!!
...Drink prices ...i had strongbow (cos no bitter) £2.50 a pint going rate ..........Boddies can is expensive tho ...'but supermarkets dont do bands ' to coin OUR phrase ............all in all friendly staff & hosts ...think maxine said another rock disco in a fortnite then another Live band nite ........... mb yr comments will be answered Jez ............just blame the government ;-)

# Posted by Stataz Quo - 24/03/2011, 01:59 (GMT)

Cheers Ian , sign of the times ehh mate , well i hope it does get up and running coz we all need new venues at the moment , also glad the door fee was dropped , things are hard enough , but again i do realise that the money has to come in froim somewhere ehh ,

just hope it works for Maxine

# Posted by MOTHERS RUIN - 24/03/2011, 02:26 (GMT)

..........im sure lessons learned ....!!! but a new venue always takes a while now to get its feet ...hope it works out !!

# Posted by Stataz Quo - 24/03/2011, 02:38 (GMT)

yep well we played just up the street last year at that bar10 or summat , seemed ok at the time with a few bands playing after us to , but heard nowt since

# Posted by MOTHERS RUIN - 24/03/2011, 02:47 (GMT)

I think we did that every other week with Ruins a few year back to try to get it going ..a big place was it ..if its the same one ??......Bury a disco town .........but at least coco's will be a biker club when it gets known !!!

# Posted by Jez - 24/03/2011, 07:39 (GMT)

"the sound funnels"!!!

I could hear you at the bus stop outside Castle Leisure Centre!!!!

Glad to see a few bikers turned up at half time.
I hope it does take off but a can of bitter should not cost more than a pint!!

Seem to recall Dakota hat you played at Pics bar round the corner last year; doesn't seem to be doing bands at the minute, shame, cos it was a nice tidy little place.

# Posted by Ian - Rocking Horse - 24/03/2011, 14:11 (GMT)

Never been much or a rock town Bury. The co-co lounge at weekends is frequented by the usual house and r n b chav crowd knocking back the aftershocks and generally doing the usual shite. Not an ideal location I would think for a Rock night. Shame the flying shuttle is so far off the beaten track because it's a perfect venue for Rock music

# Posted by viking - 24/03/2011, 16:28 (GMT)

i would have no problem paying a £2/3 door charge at a venue to see a band i knew-as e says-can have several positive attributes...
helps keep the chavs/d*ckheads out-they won't pay to go in and and then leave after they've caused their mayhem (have seen it!!)

possibly helps the venue to balance the books iffen the numbers are down

and-who knows-should it take off as a music venue may help fund having bands on from further afield -thus supporting live music??

only concern i would have is paying over the odds for beer on top of a door charge-increase the price of a pint-maybe?-put a door charge on - no prob with that-do both??.................................won't attract a regular high attendance, in my view.

# Posted by Dean (Drummer) - 24/03/2011, 16:31 (GMT)

You're right about Bury, it's always been like that...full of brain-dead chavs and the grandmas of Chicago Rock who still think their 20.

Bury center has NEVER been a 'rock music' town...the nearest it got was a jam night at the Met Bar (now Automatic) back in 2000 run by a local band called En-Tito. I was in a colleage band and we used to go down there on a Sunday night to play our 'original' songs. Cool at the time but all faded away when we left college.

I know the Two Tubs have acts/bands on from time to time, in fact someone gave me the LL's number t'other day but I seriously don't think we'd pull anyone in there...the mentality of people in Bury is 'if you're not into rap or RnB you're not cool'. These are the same people who push their kid around Bury all day with their pitbull tied to the pram.

Like you say the Shuttle is a good venue, Metallica UK are there next Friday (1st), loads of me pals will be down there but I'm off to see Stiff Little Fingers in Manchester that night (no comparison for me really! lol). Never played there either so can't really comment, but know what you mean about it being outside the beaten track, you'd have to be specifically heading there.

It's unfortunate as I'd love to see regular rock gigs in the center. For me the Towler in Totti is still the best music venue nearest to Bury and just happy we get to play there. That and the Pudstock festival in Rammy - those gigs are about as much Punk as Bury can take.

I wish the Coco Lounge all the best, least they're trying to make a go of it...same to Ian, RR and MR.


# Posted by Jez - 24/03/2011, 17:16 (GMT)

Shuttle is a good venue and it was busier than usual last week, hopefully picking up. I know they dropped the door charges from gigs and hopefully that helped. (I think they are charging a small charge for Metallica UK next week - fair enough for a tribute act)

On Bury not being a Rock town, it was many years ago - the Tubs was and there was a pub down from the leisure center (memory's shot Im afraid!!)

My other criticism of mid week gigs/jam nights (which Ive aired on here before) is that they start too late. On a school night you dont want to be back at all hours. Football matches start at 7.45/8.00 pm; prime time telly is the same. Maybe pubs will sit up, take notice and believe that Sky/BBC/ITV have got it right but again, this usually falls on deaf ears

# Posted by Face It! - 25/03/2011, 11:47 (GMT)

When we played The Flying Shuttle I thought just that, great venue, proper stage and the pub is huge...ideal for a band. Sadly the attendance peaked at about 6 throughout the whole night (Jez being one of them I believe, cheers), with 4 of the others being my parents and the parents of the two brothers from our band.

I think it was when they had just started having bands on if I remember rightly, would happily go back there if it's picking up...thought it might get a boost with it being right next to The Rock but maybe that's just wishful thinking the two are hardly similar places I suppose...

# Posted by NIGHT TRAIN - 25/03/2011, 13:07 (GMT)

@ Face It
yeh same here
Did you bother with Millstone/Darwen festival?

# Posted by MOTHERS RUIN - 25/03/2011, 13:38 (GMT)

Bloody hell ..this must be a record.....a post with all valid comments on it ....Good luck to all Bands & venues this week ..and the next.....and the......!!

# Posted by Face It! - 26/03/2011, 14:54 (GMT)

I think 2/4 of us (not me, sadly, I would've really liked to do it) are away that weekend...so that's a shame really!

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