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What has taken you a long time to cotton on to?

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Posted By : egbert | Comments : 20

Records you ignore at the time?

OK, getting a tad stir crazy through not being able to get out of the house this week so ordered some new CDs from Amazon. I like to take a punt every now and again - stuff I'm not familiar with but have heard/read lotsa good reviews over the years - and this weeks arrivals were John Barleycorn must die by Traffic and to bring you my love by PJ Harvey.

I can forgive myself, having been only 3 or 4 at the time, for missing the Traffic one but not the PJ Harvey! What albums/bands have you discovered years after they made whatever you call it? Long snake moan - what a song!


# Posted by Enigma - 23/03/2011, 23:49 (GMT)

The Doves! everybody else was listening to them except me!
I couldn't see what the fuss was all about. Then i was with coming home from the Trafford Centre one Sunday when I was listening to XFM and a song came on the radio and you know that moment when your ears stick up like spock? and you go...'Whats that? That is shit hot!' it was Caught By The River. I had some Doves CD's in my collection and immediately played the album The Last Broadcast...EPIC!
I was converted. Luckily they released a new album two months on, Kingdom Of Rust and it was a cracker, went on to see them play live in Delamere Forest and they were awesome...Best gig of my life.
So yes, sometimes it can take a while to catch on to a band when the initial hype seems to alienate you from whats really going on.

# Posted by Mick (ex Bad Horsie) - 23/03/2011, 23:53 (GMT)

For a long time I couldn't get into Bob Dylan.....

Oh, hang on. This is about music you got into eventually, right?

# Posted by squares - 24/03/2011, 00:14 (GMT)

ian dury and the blockheads were somebody i couldnt stand at the time, i heard a snippit of them on the radio about 6 months ago [clever trevor] cant get there double cd off now, even make the missus and kids listen to them, the blokes a lyrical genius,

# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 24/03/2011, 00:16 (GMT)

Most of my collection!

I never used to get Talking Heads and one day...many years later....it just clicked!

# Posted by Stataz Quo - 24/03/2011, 00:25 (GMT)

Ha Ha ! come on now mick Bob Dylan is da man mate ! loved him eversince i had the oppo to see him in 76 at Earls court Street Legal tour ,which i thought was one of the best albums he has ever done , but apparently isnt the best for Purist Dylan fans , coz he ditched the accoustic set ???,
leading me to ! so i aint off topic ,
before this i had the albums self portrait and John Wesley Harding , bought for a quid each from a local 2nd hand shop, which i never really got round to listening untill many years later ,purely coz i was in awe and influenced by the gig and the album Street Legal , are you all still with me now ? lol
anyway , the earlier albums which are purist Dylan , are fookin brill and are played all the timein the Trig house , much to the dismay of my Mrs Trig , who incidently Loves the album Street Legal lol

# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 24/03/2011, 00:31 (GMT)

When I paint my masterpiece?? He already has...it's called - The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan!

# Posted by Stataz Quo - 24/03/2011, 01:06 (GMT)

True dude !

# Posted by MOTHERS RUIN - 24/03/2011, 01:30 (GMT)

I got a velvet revolver cd from an outlet in wigan or st helens a few week back and liked it ..just got the deluxe Slash album too which is ok ..............so its axl bollocks i dont like (never got the GnR thing!!)

# Posted by Stataz Quo - 24/03/2011, 02:11 (GMT)

Now i hate GnR, didnt care much for Velvet revolver , but love the new slash album What do i know anyway ! lol

# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 24/03/2011, 02:23 (GMT)

I think that it is Axl Rose' voice that puts me off G'n'R. Good songs but too much whining. I didn't like the version of knocking on heavens door.

# Posted by MOTHERS RUIN - 24/03/2011, 02:27 (GMT)

i got chinese democracy for a £1 at WH Smiths about a month ago ...........still in wrapper !!

# Posted by Stataz Quo - 24/03/2011, 02:34 (GMT)

I.ll bid you 50p ian

# Posted by MOTHERS RUIN - 24/03/2011, 02:38 (GMT)

i got the band that does 'human we are dancers' for a quid too .....you can have that !!! is it killers or kaiser chiefs or ???

# Posted by Stataz Quo - 24/03/2011, 02:40 (GMT)

Ha ha ! now yer askin a reet one here mate , im so in past catweazle listens to more new fangled stuff

# Posted by Stataz Quo - 24/03/2011, 02:45 (GMT)

Anyway what the fook is a cd ?
G-nite dudes

# Posted by MOTHERS RUIN - 24/03/2011, 03:01 (GMT)

hmmmm the smell of a new vinyl record .... on a serious note took me a long while to get into the Beatles.....now i got everything by them ..best band ever .....even QUO !!

# Posted by Synthy Mike - 24/03/2011, 08:40 (GMT)

I sometimes buy an album and not be particularly keen on it at the time only to pull it out of the archives and think "wow".

For me, the most glaring example of this is Threshold of a Dream by The Moody Blues. Bought it for £1 when I was 15 on vinyl, should've ticked all the needs of my prog-rock leanings at the time but I never got into it. Tried it again a few years ago, still hated it. Tried it the other week and thought it was absolutely incredible!

I had quite a similar thing with the Byrds too. Always loved the jangle-pop and psychedelic stuff but loathed the country side of things. After a while, the lure of Sweetheart of the Rodeo became too great and now it's one of my favourite albums.

In terms of a band it's got to be the Fall. I've always quite liked them, really liked the odd track but recently I've really got into them and must own about ten albums now... still a long way to go before I have the discography though!

# Posted by Bobo - 24/03/2011, 08:59 (GMT)

So, you Dylan lovers, try to catch the Zimmermen next time they appear - Dylan AND jangly folk/rock. If you missed them last night at the Welcome, watch this space!

# Posted by Stu - 24/03/2011, 09:24 (GMT)

there's quite a bit of stuff that my Dad listened to as I was growing up so automatically rebelled against it - The Who, Rolling Stones, Deep Purple, Simon and Garfunkel.

There I was listening to mainly indie stuff and for a couple of years exclusively hip hop (bad times) and then it was only through learning guitar and then singing for the Statesmen that I came back and rediscovered this stuff and more.

# Posted by John Wilkinson: - 25/03/2011, 13:38 (GMT)

Never got The Beatles for years but last three years got a lot of their stuff.

Got Red and Blue remasters for Xmas and listen to them most days

The best POP band ever imho and they did influence so many bands and solo artists.

If anyone knows a better pop song than "We Can Work It Out" then please direct me to it.

I find that my taste in music has broadened a lot over the years from listening to mainly rock and prog bands in 70's to country and pop bands now.

Good blog this.

Best wishes


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