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if carlsberg did covers..............

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Posted By : VANKWISH | Comments : 14

watched this and think we need to practice more!!!


ok, i cant get a video on,,,,, stupid singer!!!
but follow the link, worth a watch..


# Posted by VANKWISH - 23/03/2011, 22:05 (GMT)

never mind, got the video on!!!!!!

even stupider singer......

# Posted by Glyn H - 23/03/2011, 22:09 (GMT)


# Posted by Andy McCormack - 23/03/2011, 23:13 (GMT)

This is absolutely a piss take! The disjointed feel is too definite for them just to be shit and the conviction in the playing is too solid, the out of tunes notes are played out of tune. I reckon anyway. We've got some new tunes which will prob sound as good tmoz at praccy

# Posted by Stataz Quo - 24/03/2011, 00:31 (GMT)

Lol i thought they was quite good , am i missing something ? lol

# Posted by On The Edge - 24/03/2011, 01:36 (GMT)

god there better than us, awesome band, would love to play drums that well. when they gigin anyone????

# Posted by Debbie Lee - Alamo / Run For C... - 24/03/2011, 08:46 (GMT)

whoah. haha thats nooo way real is it???

# Posted by Viva la Coldplay - 24/03/2011, 08:57 (GMT)

Nah.. This is the best!


# Posted by Stu - 24/03/2011, 09:12 (GMT)

ouch... the best thing is the final countdown ones are on a stage, so presumably someone has hired them!

saying that though, there appears to be no crowd so maybe they just set the stage up themselves in the park.

either way it's awesome

# Posted by Mark bassist in Piggery Bandan... - 24/03/2011, 10:57 (GMT)

Final Countdown one is a classic ... saw it a year or so ago and thought ... Thank fuck someone does a worse version than us! hahahaha

# Posted by Stu - 24/03/2011, 11:19 (GMT)

think there's a fair few bands do a worse version mate - love your version. That and whitesnake - here i go again. Quality :)

# Posted by Mark bassist in Piggery Bandan... - 24/03/2011, 11:23 (GMT)

Aye Europe for one hahaha

# Posted by Mark C Marauder + Whitefake - 24/03/2011, 16:09 (GMT)

get them on a double header, I would pay to see that

# Posted by viking - 24/03/2011, 16:14 (GMT)

pmsl!!....however- i reckon it owes more to this. (below)...as andy -supercharger says-it's far too sequential to be just bad playing-the vox knows the lyrics and the guitarist can, actually, play? methinks it's the spanish r'n'roll version of this chappie-who could, also, play-APPARENTLY- badly? but-to play that badly and still keep some of the melody takes skill. ;-D

# Posted by One in Ten - 24/03/2011, 21:03 (GMT)

Hahaha!!I..I'm with Anthem on this one..where they playing Next!!

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