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We've launched on YouTube!

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Posted By : Mitford Rebel | Comments : 2

Live studio sessions

Hi everyone!

We'd love you to take a look at our new YouTube page:


It's launched with eight live tracks which we filmed at the studio on Sunday. They've been lovingly edited by Nick, the bassist in Big Door Open.
They're raw and ready but we're rather proud of the way they've turned out, especially seeing as the whole session seemed to be cursed from the start (banner falling down, PA breaking, camera only recording for 36 seconds at a time...total nightmare).
But, we got there in the end and we'd love to know what you think. :D

Hope you're enjoying the glorious sunshine!

Mitford Rebel

http://www.last.fm/music/Mitford+Rebel < FREE EP DOWNLOAD!


# Posted by Synthy Mike - 23/03/2011, 15:07 (GMT)

Cool, musically kind of reminds me of the Fall. Awesome. Good luck with the gig in Newcastle at the weekend.

# Posted by Mitford Rebel - 23/03/2011, 15:10 (GMT)

Wow, cheers!
What a compliment.

And thanks, I'm sure we'll have a blast in Newcastle. B)


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