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Hero Syndrome - original band review

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Saw them last night at a Charity event at Yates Wine Lodge in Bolton

I'm ashamed to say I don't often see originals bands these days. I did a lot in my "youth" but now I'm a bit of a sell out and stick to what's familiar and don't give enough credit to those doing the circuit with music they've often poured so much into and so often get no reward for.

Anyway, I was asked to drum with the Blues Twins at a 4 band event in aid of Christies Hospital last night at Yates Wine Lodge. Of the 4 bands due to attend one didn't bother turning up and so neither did the PA that they were providing. Thankfully the bassist playing with the Blues Twins (who is registered on here, I think, as JMC) managed to secure a PA at short notice and the event was able to proceed.

I'm afraid I didn't rate the first band up much, so much so that I can't even remember their name. Their enthusiasm couldn't be faulted but every song sounded the same and there was too much in the way of lots of attempts to be flecky with double bass drum stuff which came at the expense of the drummer actually keeping in time. I don't see the point in drummers simply trying to play as fast as they can. As far as I know it isn't a race. And even if you win the race I don't think the bassist will thank you much if you keep crossing the line a good beat ahead of him every chance you get.

The second band on were Hero Syndrome who I note have a profile here though I'd never heard of them before. A trio from Bolton whose sense of humour during the missing PA debacle already set them apart as "good blokes". I can't really explain the manner in which they absolutely surpassed my expectations. From their laid back early good humour and seeming devil may care attitude I wasn't expecting to behold a set that I would happily have paid to watch.

They were tighter than a nun's whatnot and song after song threw out melodic hooks that drew you in from the off. I can't pinpoint their influences. They weren't a band where I stood and thought "they sound like.....", they just made me smile. I literally stood grinning like an idiot at points. As a 3 piece each instrument was played as "lead" which isn't to say that it was "busy", just that each member played an integral role in carving out the rhythms and riffs in each piece. The singer/guitarist had an energy that just filled the stage, but then the bassist did too, they bounced off each other throughout whilst the drummer laid down beats that were so perfect for the music and blisteringly creative whilst appearing so mellow that I swear he could have read a book whilst he was playing.

I was literally sorry to take the stage for my set with the Blues Twins. I wanted to see more. In fact if they'd have had CD's on sale I'd have come out with a clutch of them. As it is I can find out precious little about them other than a myspace page which hasn't satisfied my craving to hear more.

Sorry for the rambling. I just haven't felt this optimistic about live music for a long time.

Venues should snap this lot up whilst they are unsigned. ASAP please. I want to see more.

PS The Blues Twins played up a storm (it was a guitar w*anking extravaganza) but I'm ashamed to say that I sat there the whole time, shuffling away and thinking in triplets, bemoaning the fact that I can't play like the guy in Hero Syndrome. I was so downhearted that quite a few of my triplets only had two in). For the first time in a long time I will be practising today.....


# Posted by Alyerpal - 21/03/2011, 13:52 (GMT)

Nice review - I'll look out for them.


# Posted by ben murray - 21/03/2011, 14:19 (GMT)

what a cracking review

its something i dont have enough time to do these days either. i used to love getting out and watching unsigned, unknown bands. its something everyone should try at some point

# Posted by squares - 21/03/2011, 20:45 (GMT)

good review niki, i had a similar experience at the weekend at the derbys colne where a standin guitarist/frontman and his sidekik bass player helped out they were like the 2 ronnies of music what a great sense of humour and laid back attitude they had the audience in the palm of there hands whilst i spent the hours before thinking shit ive never played with them and nobodies got any kind of set list it was straight of the cuff but was a sucsess, 2 and a half hours of trying to guess what song was next, the breaks on here lookout for them great bunch of guys,

# Posted by Willow (of somebig™Fish) (Reti... - 21/03/2011, 20:49 (GMT)

" I was so downhearted that quite a few of my triplets only had two in "

hahaha, brilliant

and a great (hopfully) leg up for the Hero Syndrome guys!

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