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Posted By : Mr Cottonhouse | Comments : 13


I have recently recorded a live performance which has been put onto a cd. Unfortunately the cd is just one track - the full 30 minute set.

Does anyone know how I can put track markings onto the recording so that I can use seperate tracks to use for demo purposes?



# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 19/03/2011, 01:26 (GMT)

I have 'audacity' but when I try to import the tracks from my documents I just get this horrible high pitched noise.

# Posted by NIGHT TRAIN - 19/03/2011, 01:45 (GMT)

I know the answer..but not sure of the question...how are the tracks in 'your documents'??
How are the tracks on the cd? As proper cd tracks or compressed?

# Posted by Rumble Fat Band - 19/03/2011, 01:46 (GMT)

Gary, What is the original Audio File Format?
If its, .WMA or MP3, get it to me and I'll split it for you.

# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 19/03/2011, 01:52 (GMT)

It is WMA

The cd was burned from a zoom recorder which recorded a recent gig.

I saved the cd to media player and from there I saved it to my documents.

Does that help?

# Posted by NIGHT TRAIN - 19/03/2011, 02:02 (GMT)

Yeh...get RFB to do it for you :D

# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 19/03/2011, 02:07 (GMT)

haha - ok

# Posted by The DeeVines Wedding Pop &... - 19/03/2011, 07:30 (GMT)

its a shame Audacity is giving you gip... its a great little programme that we have recorded many really decent quality (sound) demos on.
Good luck.

# Posted by Jez - 19/03/2011, 08:40 (GMT)

long time since ive done it... but.... import audio file into your favourite DAW program; insert CD markers at appropriate points, then rthere will be a cd burn (on the fly) option giving you the cd.
Alternatively (slightly more long winded), again import as a single audio file; split it at the appropriate points. Copy and paste these sections(songs) individually into a "new" program and save as the song name. Then burn a CD using Nero (CD burner softtware) or whatever you use as a compilation and check without gaps box so there's continuity

# Posted by Off The Rails - 19/03/2011, 09:51 (GMT)

I have just done in in microsoft movemaker you can see where the tracks finish and if you drop some photo's in you can upload them to utube.
It was quite easy not hard like the other programs.


# Posted by Bobo - 19/03/2011, 19:07 (GMT)

I have a good program called "Spin it again" which is really for recording cassettes/vinylrecords/anything really onto your pc. It can clean up noise, alter eq, add effects etc. For your purpose however, you can record your cd in real time. It should automatically split tracks if there is a gap of a few seconds between tracks. If not, then you can manually split your long track into separate tracks using a marker. Sorry I forget where I got the program (age!) might have been Maplins but I bet you could find it via google.

# Posted by THE STAN'S - 20/03/2011, 11:43 (GMT)

Hi guys We are bassed in Blackburn, I could sort that through Pro tools. Give us a shout if you need.


# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 20/03/2011, 21:29 (GMT)

Thanks Stan, I think that I'm sorted now. I had a play with windows movie maker and I will continue to do so but to save time I've sent the file to RFB as offered. It could take months for me to get the hang of movie maker but I'll enjoy messing with it.

Thanks for all your help.

# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 21/03/2011, 18:25 (GMT)

A Massive thanks to Stuart from RFB for doing this for me! I received the tracks via e-mail today...Proving that the NWB community spirit is alive and well!

Cheers mate!

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