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Sugar Bullets Blog got me thinking...

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Posted By : ejectthetape | Comments : 33

What do you listen to on the way home after a gig

This might have been covered previously, apologies if it has. A blog on the Sugar Bullets website made me think of the strange choice of the recordings I listen to going to and from gigs. If I'm at the Apollo or Arena it usually depends on who's on. If its some manufactured shite I usually go for punchy tunes...AC/DC, Sex Pistols, that sort of stuff. Now if its loud and rockin I usually put something ambient on to see me to the nearest exotic indian takeaway before drinking and watching crap until 3 in the morning, If its the boneyard dogs.....god knows
Whats your preference


# Posted by ejectthetape - 18/03/2011, 21:01 (GMT)

cheers rick....hope u are well.

# Posted by viking - 18/03/2011, 21:02 (GMT)

usually, the sound of beamish snoring in the front seat of the beer scooter!! ;-/

i'll get me leathers.

# Posted by Mr C. - 18/03/2011, 21:08 (GMT)

ToTo / Journey / Mr Big ....... Give me some pointers on where I'm going wrong !!! LoL ;O)

# Posted by Willow (of somebig™Fish) (Reti... - 18/03/2011, 21:13 (GMT)

To a gig ......... not driving, drivers choice ......
From a gig ..... not driving, ditto ...... !!!

When driving .... the same CDs that have been in the multi changer for about 7 years!!


(p.s. John Hiatt ..... COME ON!!)


# Posted by ejectthetape - 18/03/2011, 21:13 (GMT)

@ viking....hahahaha u tit

# Posted by ejectthetape - 18/03/2011, 21:16 (GMT)

@ willow...yep I have one of those glued in the car hifi cd's. Its been in there for ages. Mrs eject goes mad!!

# Posted by viking - 18/03/2011, 21:17 (GMT)

@ ejectthetape- lol! (but!! don't mention the "t" word-jules might spot it and go off on one again!!) :-(

# Posted by Willow (of somebig™Fish) (Reti... - 18/03/2011, 21:18 (GMT)

Is that Jesus with a ciggie??

# Posted by ejectthetape - 18/03/2011, 21:22 (GMT)

Yes, Its Lent and I thought he could give up not smoking.....I'm going to hell aren't I!!!!!!...and Im a good catholic...ask viking

# Posted by ejectthetape - 18/03/2011, 21:22 (GMT)

@ viking .....oh no please not again

# Posted by Andy McCormack - 18/03/2011, 21:25 (GMT)

Iron maiden on the way or anything good and loud. On the way home nothing, totally drained. Talk and drink mostly.

# Posted by viking - 18/03/2011, 21:26 (GMT)

@ ejectthetape- exactly!! and then we'd BOTH feel a right tit-and then-we're dooomed, doomed ah tell ye!!! ;-(

@ willow- hell yeah-the dude is a very good catholic- universal in his appreciation of of all things holey!!! (NOT a typo!!):-D

# Posted by ejectthetape - 18/03/2011, 21:45 (GMT)

@viking......oh dear. we're doomed

# Posted by Dillinger - 18/03/2011, 21:49 (GMT)

strange ringing in my ears, cant think what causes it.

# Posted by ejectthetape - 18/03/2011, 21:55 (GMT)

@sabre...hahaha I have the same ringing...strange that

# Posted by egbert - 18/03/2011, 21:58 (GMT)

On the way back I listen to whichever radio station our very own rock and roll teddy bear is ringing to say "just seen this wonderful band..."

# Posted by nolongerused - 18/03/2011, 22:06 (GMT)

After hearing that racket for 2.5 hours I just can't listen to music on way home, TalkSport for me all the way...usually George Galloway talking bollocks at 3am.

# Posted by The Wes Paul Band - 18/03/2011, 22:10 (GMT)

We don't listen to anything on the way to or back from our gig - our lead guitarist is a terrible driver who gets very easily distracted and can't concentrate with the radio or any other kind of music on! So it's just silence for us I'm afraid, and on the way home that old familiar ringing in the ears lol.

# Posted by ejectthetape - 18/03/2011, 23:04 (GMT)

Im stuck for choice on Sunday/Monday. Justin Bieber gig...not sure what I should play going .. going home will be silence in utter shock

# Posted by Steve McCartney - 18/03/2011, 23:20 (GMT)

on the way to a gig something peppy to get us in the mood ala led zep 2 or something.

On the way back, strange as it may sound, i like to stick on classic fm. something nice and chilled. that and the ringing in my ears ;)

# Posted by ejectthetape - 18/03/2011, 23:21 (GMT)

that ringing...what's that all about

# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 19/03/2011, 02:26 (GMT)

Talksport for me too, especially if it's George Galloway. I do have and old 50's R&B compilation tape though which does offer an alternative.

# Posted by Pandemic - 19/03/2011, 07:45 (GMT)

I've ususally got some hot chick performing a sexual act on me on the way home from a gig. So the only music to my ears is the slurping and groaning as she enjoys herself.

# Posted by Willow (of somebig™Fish) (Reti... - 19/03/2011, 07:49 (GMT)

.......... aaaaaand back in the room .....


# Posted by Andy McCormack - 19/03/2011, 10:06 (GMT)


# Posted by LAST GANG IN TOWN - 19/03/2011, 11:41 (GMT)

Talksport for me too...
My ears are usually too battered to listen to any music. I love listening to the drunken ramblings of 40 year old virgin train spotters and religious nutters. George Galloway finishes at 1am...so it's usually the Matt Forde show...

# Posted by Charlie & Norma - 19/03/2011, 14:49 (GMT)

The cd's you were kind enough to give us Loz Ac/DC, Queen......what am doing you know what's on 'em!!!!!!!!!

# Posted by chopperhontas - 19/03/2011, 17:24 (GMT)

I generally drive home in silence after the gig. No idea why, i just enjoy the peace and quiet after the mayhem!!

# Posted by Synthy Mike - 20/03/2011, 16:34 (GMT)

I've just got new (old) car so it's got a tape player in. For comedy value I thought I'd leave it in there so for the last few gigs I've been listening to Now 10 (1987) and Now 13 (1988) I've had since I was a kid. Something odd has happened to the Now 10 tape so it gets slower and slower as it gets to the end of the side. It's quite embarrassing when you pull up at the lights and "Pump up the volume" is blasting out at absurdly low speeds.

When it gets too much I bang 5-Live on. Used to listen to Talk Sport but it's turning into ShoutSport now - can't handle it. Though the sound of Alan Brazil and Andy Townsend having a debate about the origins of the universe was radio gold! From Mr T "at the end of the day Alan, I just darn't think that everything can come from nuffink". Genius!!!

# Posted by chopperhontas - 21/03/2011, 18:04 (GMT)

@Synthy - Now 10 - If i remember correctly that also has China in Your Hand and possibly Crazy Crazy Nights, Alone and Barcelona on it too? I had a 'copy' of it with photocopied covers.

Plus side of a tape player is if you use an ipod tape adaptor you get miles better sound than one of those FM thingys!

# Posted by Synthy Mike - 22/03/2011, 07:50 (GMT)

@chopperhonta You're dead right! It's a belting "Now", though by the time it gets to crazy crazy nights on mine it sounds more like thheeeeeeeeee aaaarrrreee craaaaaazzzzyyyyy craazzzzy!

I'm going to have rummage for one of those tape adaptors, a trip to Argos might be on the cards though I am tempted to make a couple of mix tapes for old times sake first!

# Posted by chopperhontas - 22/03/2011, 08:54 (GMT)

@Synthy - I've seen the adaptors at Asda. I've actually got 2 of em, one new and then found a tape adaptor with a Goodmans Diskman!

Now 10 was a great album. One of those that i remember from my childhood. Holidays at Pontins and all that!!!

# Posted by Synthy Mike - 22/03/2011, 12:00 (GMT)

I've always associated it with going round my mates house and playing on his Spectrum, it was one of the tapes we'd listen to as we tried in vain to conquer Skooldaze. That Cliff Richard song is forever etched into my brain.

I'm definately getting a tape adapter though, especially with some of the gigs I've got coming up - the gig in Clitheroe we did the other week meant two laps of Now 13 and there's only so many times you can hear "Don't Worry Be Happy" before it starts to do irrevocable harm!

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