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Posted By : A Band of Gypsies / A.B.O.G | Comments : 10

good ones!


Basically me and friends like visiting as many jam sessions as poss
and are looking for more to visit which are fun and of good quality as in
the people running them can actually tune their instruments, play at least
to a certain degree and are not arsey with new comers so any you think
fit the bill please let us know as we have exhausted ours apart from 1 or 2
we are attending next week.
To be fair and share, here is a list of ones we go too already, worth a visit :)

coach and horses- huddersfield road oldham - thursdays, blues rock

whittles- king street oldham- sundays, rock blues

the railway- greenfield uppermill- fri and sundays, acoustics

the hangman- chester- mon and thursdays, rock

guzzling goose- ashton under lyne- thurs acostic, and once a month on sundays for rock

the royal british legion- bolton- wednesdays (for the older generation) country, blues

the bricklayers- rochdale unfortunately they have finished :(

the old market tavern- altrincham- mondays all styles welcome

not all these will suit everyone but everyone has a different opinion
but we are all one so come n jam fellow brothers and sisters and
keep venues and rock alive so we can have something to moan about
and nights to enjoy good music and good company.

so now give us some of your preferred jam night hang outs




# Posted by Black Dog - Ossy - 18/03/2011, 14:08 (GMT)

The Black Dog are holding their first jam night next week on Thursday 31st March. Not something we have done before but the house band are very good and worth a look first Thrusday of the month at The Dog in Whalley too!

We are hoping to be holding ours last Thrusday of the month. If you can come and support our first one, we would much appreciate it.


# Posted by A Band of Gypsies / A.B.O.G - 18/03/2011, 14:19 (GMT)

hi jay

yep we will defo come down and pay a visit thanks for the info who are the house band then?


# Posted by Tubthumper - 18/03/2011, 15:38 (GMT)

I've "toured" many of the area's jam nights and my favourite is held weekly at the Stanley in Accrington every Monday night. The house band varies on a 4 or 5 weekly cycle, there are "regulars" but newcomers are openly welcomed as everyone loves to see something different/new. There's usually a 3 song limit depending on how many musicians are in attendance. You can either play as a band or the house band will accompany you and/or find suitable musicians to back you.

Here's a video of one of the house drummers (Mike Partridge) and house bassists (Scott Whitley) jamming with guitarist Simon Shackleton recently.

All PA and backline is provided. It's preferable to bring your own guitars though the house band are known for their generosity in loaning their gear.

# Posted by Charlie & Norma - 18/03/2011, 16:02 (GMT)

Hi Tony/Nicki....just to let you know the Bricklayers are still having the jam night for another 3 or 4 weeks, and when they finally do close they hope to move it to the Cask & Feather, Rochdale, but on Thursday nights, but it's still a bit fluid at the mo.

# Posted by squares - 18/03/2011, 21:36 (GMT)

the george IV in burnley padiham rd is getting quite popular very welcoming and unjudgemental everythings there peole just bring there guitars and voices

# Posted by A Band of Gypsies / A.B.O.G - 19/03/2011, 01:44 (GMT)


cheers for the replies guys and gals will come along to all the jams you post at 1 point or another :)


# Posted by A Band of Gypsies / A.B.O.G - 21/03/2011, 16:09 (GMT)


square 1

what night is the george 1V on



# Posted by A Band of Gypsies / A.B.O.G - 22/03/2011, 01:46 (GMT)


come on send us some more jam session details worth a visit by veteran viewers and players and not by the bands running them as its a biased recommendation otherwise.



# Posted by MOTHERS RUIN - 22/03/2011, 04:11 (GMT)

the Brikkies jam still on Tony for now on a monday !! New Inn Middleton on tuesday (opp old bonecat shop) wens Plogh Hindley,Thurs Mark Twain (with Nig Pickering) Whitworth rd up from Briikkies + starting to put bands on satnite also Mountain Dew atherton opp Nailors and Nailors have a sunday jam too ...with max

# Posted by A Band of Gypsies / A.B.O.G - 22/03/2011, 22:11 (GMT)


cheers ian mothers raff ruin riff :)

will check em out


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