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I love Paddy's Day

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Posted By : Mr Cottonhouse | Comments : 2

I wish it could be 17th March everyday...

Gigs don't get much better than last night. I was picked up from my house with just my guitar at 7.30pm and taken to Barristers, Bradshawgate in Bolton. This is just a 20-25 minute journey and we walked in to a 'house pa' in the corner of the room. Due to the basic pub layout and extensive real ale selection, Barristers is the only pub that I ever go to when I'm in Bolton. Therefore, to discover that free beer was available to us was ....let's just say a bonus.

However, to say that there would be more space to perform inside my van is not an exageration! We turned the pa on to discover that both horns had blown....nice.

The gig was easy enough, I was being a safety net for a friend who was playing his last ever gig due to ilness and I was there to take over the rhythm whenever he had to stop. A simple enough task but quite tricky with no horns in the pa - and you can forget the thought of any moniters!

Being Paddys Day the place was uncomfortably rammed with drunken people wanting to party so we basically churned out singalong stuff and despite the aweful sound coming from the speakers.....they loved it! As well as all the predictable Irish tunes we belted out- Cottonfields, Country Roads, that caracticus song by Rolf Harris, Let It Be..... ect ect. Not my setlist choice but I went along with it and the pints kept on coming.

Now there was blog on here recently asking about the amount of alcohol consumed whilst performing. Well I seem to remember some very sensible responses to this, me included. Well last night I remembered what happens when I start getting hammered onstage..... I start to do requests that I haven't done for years! Thankfully in todays modern age of technology somebody was able to get the words for a request for me at half time on their mobile phone.....how good is that?

We left totally snotted (apart from the teetotal driver of course) and laughed all the way back to Darwen with £80 each in our pockets.

It was one of those nights, we would have received a standing ovation for farting!


# Posted by The Wes Paul Band - 18/03/2011, 13:10 (GMT)

Sounds like top night.

Had one of the best gigs of my life yesterday too... we were playing all afternoon from 2:30pm till 8pm at The British Queen in Bacup. Great crowd and free Guinesses all day off the management. Played about 10 Irish songs and had the Dubliners CD going in between sets. Brilliant day.

# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 18/03/2011, 23:36 (GMT)

LOL - at The British Queen!!!!!!

Good stuff.

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