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Posted By : Mutha Humbucker | Comments : 17

A few 123 steps please

Ive decided I want to start looking into a home studio for my own use.

It needs to be simple and easy for me to use. Ive just started looking at what I need then thought you guys on North West Bands must have a much better clue than me.

If any of you guys have any tips for me... purchasing pieces of equipment etc simply fast track ways to set myself up .......please comment... need all the advice I can get

Remember Im a novice not to much techy jargon ....

Cheers Ade


# Posted by Jez - 16/03/2011, 14:08 (GMT)

If youre going down the PC route and want something easy to get going - Magix Samplitude does audio and midi and is fairly easy (free LE version is simples)
You'll need and audio interface that akes analogue, midi etc. I use an M-Audio soundcard in the PC and an M-Audio JamLab (usb) for guitars.
Samson USB mics are fairly cheap now as well - plug and play.

All I would say, is dont get bogged down with all the effects etc that comes with it!! Its very easy to spend hours getting the ultimate guitar sound or whatever without getting anything down!!
Have fun and stay calm!! :0)

# Posted by Death By Audio - 16/03/2011, 14:13 (GMT)

Ive got a sapphire 6 usb (prob best on market for price) and a pair of kurzweil monitors in the for sale section. thats good to get started with plus you get some great starter software with it (basic DAW, samples, drum loops).

Best DAW i think tho at the min is reaper which I use and for the price is great ($40 non comercial license).

On top of that Id grab some mics, cans and maybe guitar sim software or a pod.

# Posted by Mutha Humbucker - 16/03/2011, 15:00 (GMT)

Nice one guys Im looking forward to the learning process How much are the studio monitors dude..

# Posted by John Wilkinson: - 16/03/2011, 15:07 (GMT)

PC route

Sonar is amazing

And erm..... you can "obtain" it on several sites ;-)

Not that I would ever condone such action officer....

# Posted by Death By Audio - 16/03/2011, 15:17 (GMT)


if you want both the interface and the monitors I'll do abit of a discount for you.

John, just get reaper, for the price of it and the fact that theres only 1 version and not le or lite like most DAW's have you get the full works of a DAW

# Posted by Mutha Humbucker - 16/03/2011, 16:00 (GMT)

Cheers not buying anything yet as stuff I have to sell to fund the project or her in doors is gonna pop a cap in me lmao gonna be a month or so before I get rid of some gear. I f u still have them once I ve sold the stuff on here then Ill message you.

# Posted by Death By Audio - 16/03/2011, 16:26 (GMT)

no worries pal, what you selling?

# Posted by John Wilkinson: - 16/03/2011, 16:48 (GMT)

Cheers for the tip DBA.

Will look into it.

I have an old digital fostex 8 track recorder which I mess about with at home.

# Posted by Steve McCartney - 16/03/2011, 17:04 (GMT)

We use an incredibly simple setup without any of that computer software / audio interface bollocks. A zoom hd-16 digital recording unit (or any similar one will do) with a built in CD-r drive. Depending if you want to record in one go or if you can be arsed multi-tracking (ie record drums then bass then guitar) you can alter the setup but long story short just mic up drums, amps etc and experiment with different numbers of mics and different positions to get the best sound. We just record live with a condenser on the guitar amp, a kick-drum mic on the bass amp, another kick drum mic on the kick drum, a condenser over the kit (aimed at the snare) and another condenser positioned at the back to catch the room sound. All these are fed into seperate tracks to enable a quick easy mix then we overdub vocals, guitar solos and any other little trinkets. This setup works well for quick demos (examples can be found at www.myspace.com/stonecyclerocks) but for more pro sounding tracks I'd put either the drums in a seperate, somewhat soundproofed room or just multi-track in one instrument at a time.

Hope that helps :D

# Posted by audio prodject - 16/03/2011, 17:07 (GMT)

Hi Ade, the first thing you need is a good spec pc otherwise when you start to record lots of audio a cheap pc wint handle it,
also whatever windows you use need to be configured to music, dont have wifi fitted as this will cause dropouts. a quad core is a good one but get at least 1tb drives and atleast 4g of memory. cheap pc will cost you time and money in the long run, the one I use cost me around £2000. hope this helps if you need any more help drop me a line

# Posted by Jez - 16/03/2011, 18:58 (GMT)

just in reference to my earlier comment about not getting bogged down with technology - Ive seen posts on here saying you want samples, guitar sim software etc and all singing all dancing PC with 4 core processors and giant hard !Tb hard drives - you dont! I took ime to look at your set list, youre clearly a guitar band; just keep it simple - good audio interface; usb mics and/or usb guitar DI (such as jamlab - comes with good amp/effects software with top sounds).
On cost, my PC cost a (very) few hundred quid as did the interfaces. Spending loads doesnt necessarily improve quality proportionally.
Have fun; await the new found source of frustration!!!

# Posted by Glyn H - 16/03/2011, 19:17 (GMT)

Get EZDrummer from Toontrack
brilliant drum software.

# Posted by egbert - 16/03/2011, 19:45 (GMT)

I've sadly gone down the computer route - so I can swap stuff with our drummist - and so have one of these lying around http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/sep00/articles/akai.htm.

Works last time I tried it and although it takes a few hours to get your head round will probably do most of what you want if you're just playing plain old rock'n'roll. Tried to look up how much they go for these days but failed. If you're not bothered about the computer based studio route make me an offer and I'll probably accept it - I hate seeing kit lying around unused :-) I'll throw in a couple of hours tuition too if, like me, you have an aversion to manuals...

# Posted by audio prodject - 16/03/2011, 20:36 (GMT)

Hi Ade, believe me when youre running 16 trax of audio on drums alone, a cheap pc with no memory will stuggle to rum much more and your vst will be off the screen. usb mics have no pre amp so you will get a micky mouse sound

# Posted by Mutha Humbucker - 17/03/2011, 00:05 (GMT)

Cheers peeps DBA... I have power amp, mixer, and a 12 unit rack on wheels on the board . So many different ways of getting set up lol ok I'm not doing anything to diverse but want a good sound it's more for my own amusement when it comes to a full on produced sound that's when I'll get the experts in ... Thanks for all the comments peeps.

Cheers ade

# Posted by Jez - 17/03/2011, 09:34 (GMT)

As GlynH said -some great drum software now (just dont tell the drummer!!) EZ drummer has loads of sounds and styles, I use Addictive drums with the retro add on - great for all rock styles. I prefer AD to EZ but its prob down to familiarity as I had AD first!! Both very user friendly

# Posted by Smitten Kitten - 21/03/2011, 11:10 (GMT)

I have a zoom R16 8 chanell USB interface for sale if your interested, check my blogs. Thanks, Sam


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