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The MP Four vid

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Posted By : The MP Four | Comments : 9

Us at the Crown the other week

Didn't realise we were being filmed until this appeared on Youtube


# Posted by Keith (RED ZOO) - 14/03/2011, 13:42 (GMT)

Good stuff boys
Cant see any backline, do you go direct into the PA?

# Posted by The MP Four - 14/03/2011, 14:12 (GMT)

Cheers, Warren goes straight into the PA, I have an Orange Terror Bass rig tucked in behind me

# Posted by THE STAN'S - 14/03/2011, 15:52 (GMT)

Sounds great, we don't use back line either and we got same speakers!! :)

# Posted by The MP Four - 14/03/2011, 16:15 (GMT)

You can't beat the Mackies can you?

# Posted by Keith (RED ZOO) - 14/03/2011, 17:16 (GMT)

Nope, we use them as well! SRM450s with a 1501 sub

# Posted by Fireblademalc - Depping Bass P... - 14/03/2011, 17:44 (GMT)

for the next stage lads, it might be a good idea to plug the bass player in and teach him the proper riffs - as the yanks say: "there ain't no substitute for cubic inches"

# Posted by The MP Four - 14/03/2011, 17:59 (GMT)

Cheeky get, riffs are a poor substitute for a good pounding :-D

# Posted by Fireblademalc - Depping Bass P... - 14/03/2011, 18:02 (GMT)

am I missing something - where exactly is the good pounding?? a good pounding is a poor substitute for proper riffs, both of which appear to be missing l.o.l.

# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 15/03/2011, 00:10 (GMT)

He was filming just above my head!

Strange drumming technique...playing a left handed kit but drumming right handed. His feet play left handed (if that makes any sense).

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