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The Glamtastic 4 debut gig review

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Posted By : Tubthumper | Comments : 14

New glam rock tribute band....it takes some balls....

I went to see the debut gig of a new glam rock tribute band formed by three Clitheroe based musicians (who all play in various other weekend outfits) on Wednesday night..

They've put together this band with a view to doing mid week gigs (as they're all largely fully booked all year long in their function bands) and the chance to see my drum teacher in spandex and sequins was too enticing so I went along to film the proceedings and do some photography for their promotional material.

I have to say that they pulled it off with great aplomb and good humour. I for one couldn't trot out in clothes I'd poured myself into and notwithstanding the massive amount of mirth which was to be had they gave a spirited performance and were never short of jokes at their own expense. It was refreshing to see a different genre of music done with such style but its safe to say I shall never ever dep for BigMart in this enterprise as I am totally lacking both the balls to fill his budgie smugglers and the self depracating sense of humour he has by the bucketful.

This first gig was at the Roebuck in Leyland - a great pub with welcoming locals, and a good, albeit fairly small, stage area. There's no immediate parking outside so the load in could be a bit awkward but ample parking is available nearby. The sight of a group of 40 something men mincing around a handbag on the "dancefloor" to Tiger Feet pretty much summed up the spirit of the evening. Some classics were covered brilliantly and theres a substantial compilation of clips on this mashup video I did for them. My personal favourite track had to be Blockbuster, though the kazoo solos will take some beating!

They've already taken another couple of bookings already (and a rebooking at the Roebuck in May). Ideal band for theme or party nights. I was amazed by how many were there on Wednesday in what, I have been told, would otherwise have been an empty pub. There's something about this genre of music that I think incites curiosity and a massive dollop of nostalgia. I wasn't part of this scene the first time round (too young hahaha!) but was familiar with all but a couple of the tracks played.

Anyway, check out the video (and if any bands want any gigs filming please get in touch - happy to come out on a night off and video any performances).


# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 12/03/2011, 17:37 (GMT)

Haha...that's Peter Riley!!!!

# Posted by HandyAndy - 12/03/2011, 18:00 (GMT)

I love the effect you've used for the transition from one song to the next. What software did you use? I could do with getting something like that... Cheers, Andy.

# Posted by Tubthumper - 12/03/2011, 18:07 (GMT)

I use a macbook pro. It's just the basic imovie '09 that comes preinstalled on the mac (kind of the mac equivalent to windows movie maker but infinitely more versatile and user friendly). That transition is called the "cross zoom". It takes a matter of minutes to edit a mashup on a mac (its a new toy to me and the love affair is in full swing and I just can't get enough of filming things just so I can play at being Speilberg). I've just mastered fading audio tracks one into the next to make the audio transition as unobtrusive as possible.

I've just discovered I can do slo mo and special effects so I envisage some proper mental creations spewing forth shortly. "Less Is More' can wait a while. For now I just want to play........

# Posted by HandyAndy - 12/03/2011, 18:14 (GMT)

Yeh, fading the audio in and out is what I really need to create a compilation dvd. I've done the full songs in the past, but I'd prefer to do a 10-12 song mix up to use as a demo.. The funky video effect would be a great bonus though! :-)

# Posted by Tubthumper - 12/03/2011, 18:25 (GMT)

You can achieve a similar effect with windows live movie maker (which is usually preinstalled as part of microsoft's applications package but if you haven't got it it's free to download) but you'd be better off with something like adobe premier if you want to do anything particularly fancy.

# Posted by HandyAndy - 12/03/2011, 18:27 (GMT)

Cheers for that. I do have Movie Maker, so I'll have a look at it next time I'm messing with the video footage.. Ta

# Posted by squares - 12/03/2011, 18:51 (GMT)

martin looks like hes lovin it his backing vox are good to, they certianly put a good show on

# Posted by THE STORIES ,The very best! of... - 13/03/2011, 00:39 (GMT)

looks like great fun

# Posted by LAST GANG IN TOWN - 13/03/2011, 14:42 (GMT)

OK, so why are a Trio call Glamtastic 4...am I missing something..???
Even though I'm a Punk I was brought up in the Glam age and fondly remember all this stuff (hope there was some Showaddywaddy in the 2nd set) Also, I like the way GLAM 69 combine 70's Glam & Punk.

# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 13/03/2011, 14:47 (GMT)

@LGIT - OK, so why are a Trio call Glamtastic 4

So they can ask for more money? :)

# Posted by LAST GANG IN TOWN - 13/03/2011, 15:05 (GMT)

Cottonhouse....so why not go for Glamtastic 8 then.....

# Posted by Tubthumper - 13/03/2011, 15:43 (GMT)

"OK, so why are a Trio call Glamtastic 4...am I missing something..???"

I think it's called humour. Don't you shouty punks "do" funny? ;)

Seriously though, the name, from what i gather, is a piss take of the fantastic four, doesn't really work as a skit if you change it to three (or eight!).

What was really odd though was that I noticed that martin, on his counts in, never actually says "four". It's always "one, two, three, urgh". I asked him if this was an elaborate extension of the humour to which he just replied, rather embarassedly, that he wasn't nearly sophisticated enough to have thought of it and, in fact, can no longer say the word four in his count ins....its become something of a "block". This amuses me greatly as he has for a long time seemed too great a drummer for me to ever hope to reach his standards....but at least I can count to four.

# Posted by LAST GANG IN TOWN - 13/03/2011, 16:49 (GMT)

Ah Humour...I've heard of that ...!!!
Funny and humour are not always the same thing, depends on your opinion. Some jokes about certain topics can be funny to some but offensive to others. Anyway, I was only asking, no need to call me 'shouty' or was that meant to be funny too....I'm confused...

# Posted by The Roebuck Leyland - 14/03/2011, 16:12 (GMT)

Great review of a great night, we are all looking forward to welcoming The Glamtastic 4 back to the Roebuck!

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