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Do you drink when your gigging ?

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Posted By : Off The Rails | Comments : 26

is it a good idea ?

When I am gigging I sometimes have a couple of Budweisers, then its an odd shandy, I recently went to watch a band and the sound engineer was inebriated out of his skull, as a consequence he kept messing around with all the sliders on the mixer, the band was excellent but the sound engineer really messed up the sound, I went to watch another band which was exceptionally good however the vocalist was totally p--ssed, I just wondered whether some of you guys/gals drink when your gigging ?, has anybody had any good or bad experiences with band members gigging and drinking ?.


# Posted by VANKWISH - 11/03/2011, 11:03 (GMT)

never drink when I'm playing. mainly because I'm allways fekkin driving!!! kidding..

my own opinion is I think it looks a little unprofessional as bands are suposed to be working, (could you imagine turning up to your day job with a can of stella in your hand) not getting drunk, but I'm not offended by it. each to their own.

depends on the situation too I think, if it's a private party and your on the invite list fair enough.

missis Vankwish once slated me, I was drunk on stage and thought I was a god, I came off and she said I was fekking crap. So never drank on stage since.

water all the way for me.

# Posted by Dean (Drummer) - 11/03/2011, 11:07 (GMT)

The three of us all drive to gigs so no, maybe one whilst setting up but very rarely...we got a job to do.
Lime & Sodas all the way...you can usually hear one of us shouting to the other two "eh lads wanna puffs drink?" lol.

# Posted by Viva la Coldplay - 11/03/2011, 11:07 (GMT)

Usually have a pint before a gig and water during.. If the gig's got a nice atmosphere and relaxed I'll have another at the break and about 25 afterwards :)


# Posted by Synthy Mike - 11/03/2011, 11:09 (GMT)

Never, I'm not good enough to play having had a tipple! Usually driving too so it's fizzy pop all the way.

# Posted by Crazy Train - 11/03/2011, 11:10 (GMT)

Alcohol messes up pitch perception so sound engineers should not drink. They should get stoned instead :)
As for me, I must confess to imbibing a couple of beers to loosen me up for fronting the band.


# Posted by On The Edge - 11/03/2011, 11:15 (GMT)

in my early days i NEVER played without at least 6 pint in me.thoughs days we were setting up at 6-30 and not going on till 9 so loads of time to kill. drive to every gig now so the odd pint and water.

# Posted by John Wilkinson: - 11/03/2011, 11:16 (GMT)

I occasionally have a beer after the gig (prob once or twice a year) but never before or during.

As others have said it looks unprofessional and as for sound engineer getting hammered.....That would be the first and last time he did with my band.

Best wishes


# Posted by Mark C Marauder + Whitefake - 11/03/2011, 11:22 (GMT)

I never drink when gigging, maybe one pint afterwards. I'm usually either driving or working the day after so need to take it easy at my age

# Posted by The Voodoo Hogs - 11/03/2011, 11:37 (GMT)

I find it best just to be pissed all the time!

# Posted by Burly Chassis - 11/03/2011, 11:40 (GMT)

Always driving. I believe our set sounds much better the drunker you get.

# Posted by The Wes Paul Band - 11/03/2011, 11:46 (GMT)

Our lead guitarist can't play properly when he's even had one drink, he drops notes all the time, so since we found that out he's been handed the job of driving, and therefore doesn't drink. Our drummer is a recovering alcoholic so doesn't drink anyway.

Myself (bass player) and the lead singer are the only two in the band who drink and it's Snakebites all the way. We normally have one before going on stage, then we'll buy one to take on with us which normally lasts us through the break because, then we'll buy a round to take on for 2nd half and then one after the show. We normally get through about 4 in the night, perhaps one more if we stay later afterwards. But we don't actually get drunk on that so we're not pissed out of our minds or anything, just mildly merry - it's the 5th pint after the show that sometimes tips us over the edge!

Also, sometimes people from the audience will buy us drinks and bring them to the stage so then we feel obliged to drink them.

# Posted by chopperhontas - 11/03/2011, 11:46 (GMT)

Never drink mainly due to driving.
Also I don't see the point in having 1 or 2 beers. Surely the point of booze is to get pissed, so no point having it unless its a 4-5 pint minimum (therefore driving is definatley out).

For a while we had a van, and when not on driving duty, would usually get fairly tuned in. Problem is you think you're playing great, but usually you're not.
Other rubbish side effect is that you need a piss before you get to the end of the gig!

# Posted by Mutha Humbucker - 11/03/2011, 12:17 (GMT)

our Guitarist admitted to playing absolute shite once while he was drunk and he does like a beer.. hes never been drunk whilst giging since ... and hes an awesome player in his sleep.. dont do it dont think a band or member is as sharpe on the booze

# Posted by VANKWISH - 11/03/2011, 12:35 (GMT)

@mutha humbucker,

whats your guitarist like when he's awake???
I'm a great guitarist when I'm asleep too.

# Posted by Markk (Vankwish) - 11/03/2011, 12:52 (GMT)

Nope, just dont have the speed to play when Ive had a few, come to think about it, I dont have the speed when im not drinking - maybe I should just get pi**ed every gig lol

# Posted by Mutha Humbucker - 11/03/2011, 13:07 (GMT)

lmao so am I and I dont even play - u sharpe bugga u must be sober

# Posted by Andy Wood - Marauder, Whitefak... - 11/03/2011, 13:19 (GMT)

Maybe a shandy or two and thats it. Water most of the time when I'm gigging. Like most people here, I'm using driving!

# Posted by Andy Mack - 11/03/2011, 13:55 (GMT)

I have been leathered gigging- But generally driving now!!

# Posted by ... - 11/03/2011, 14:10 (GMT)

We tend to have 1 before tht lasts 1st set then mb 1 more during 2nd set....and water/soft drinks inbetween or instead of ......Wot!!!

# Posted by Where Angels Play - 11/03/2011, 14:17 (GMT)

The hardest part is when you have set up and then have a couple of hours to kill before getting on stage. Boredom can set in pretty quickly - what else can you do in a pub? Temptation is have a few pints to kill time but one leads to another etc etc..............

I think a couple is fine but anymore tends to affect performance (even though you think you are ace!)

You can always have a skinful AFTER the gig even if its at home (can never sleep after a gig so need a few exports to calm me down!!!)

# Posted by nolongerused - 11/03/2011, 15:22 (GMT)

"You can always have a skinful AFTER the gig even if its at home (can never sleep after a gig so need a few exports to calm me down!!!)"

Haha yeah...me too. It has been known downing a bottle of red within an hour of getting home, that usually knocks me out :)

# Posted by Black Thursday - 11/03/2011, 20:50 (GMT)

Got to be sober or else anything can happen. If the Mrs is with me and she is driving, then I'll down as much as I can after I've finished playing.

# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 12/03/2011, 03:49 (GMT)

It depends on the band and position held.

I don't drink with TCS (1 or 2 pints max) because I have to concentrate too much. The same applies with the other bands I suppose but when I was running around playing the energetic 'Jagger' frontman in my previous band I liked the unpredictability and sometimes eratic behaviour brought on by the odd jar.

Frontmen - yes

drummers and sound engineers - no no no

# Posted by NIGHT TRAIN - 12/03/2011, 10:55 (GMT)

I always like to stay 1 pint ahead of the audience!

# Posted by Willow (of somebig™Fish) (Reti... - 12/03/2011, 11:21 (GMT)


# Posted by Pandemic - 14/03/2011, 19:54 (GMT)

Always. A beer and a straight Jack on the rocks on top of my amp head at the start of every set.

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