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French fiasco (all bands that showed interest)

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Posted By : The Marmosets | Comments : 4


Fiasco is in the headline because that what it turned out to be,communications were lousy from our French friends and i was kept on a shoestring for 3 months only to be left dissapointed after keeping virtually the whole of march free for the Limoges fest..
Cutting to the point we are not flying out now and neither is anyone else from Blighty,I have still not had any official reason into why it all took so long to sort and to why British bands were not required in the end, so its a big sorry from me to all the bands that got in touch....


# Posted by Willow (of somebig™Fish) (Reti... - 02/03/2011, 22:34 (GMT)

whilst not wishing to appear racist .......... that's music organisers for ya!!


# Posted by Pandemic - 03/03/2011, 05:42 (GMT)

Whilst not wishing to appear xenophobic.........that's the French for you..........

# Posted by NIGHT TRAIN - 03/03/2011, 10:42 (GMT)

We've been booked!....................nah I'm having you on:D
Without being xenophobic, why would you wanna go there anyway....potty if you ask me....(get it? Limoges??)

# Posted by Mark C Marauder + Whitefake - 03/03/2011, 11:49 (GMT)

dont trust anyone who eats frogs, snails and fuckin horses.......that's my motto

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