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Posted By : No Boundarys | Comments : 12


Not having a pop and i know people are busy this time of year but.....
lately there has been a fair few venues on asking for bands.
I have emailed pm'd and done everything that has been asked and guess what
not even a no.
Come on venues who ask for this atleast a polite yes or no would be nice.
Moan over, back to my medicine.



# Posted by NIGHT TRAIN - 17/12/2010, 22:47 (GMT)

seeing you ain't even had a reply to this...:D

# Posted by NIGHT TRAIN - 17/12/2010, 22:50 (GMT)

you have now..we've had a couple of replies...thing is, once a new venue comes on here, they're snowed under (poor choice of words)by friends requests etc from every band...think you gotta be quick and be one of the first to ensure a reply

# Posted by HandyAndy - 17/12/2010, 23:01 (GMT)

I've been thinking exactly the same thing recently! I've pm'd, and had no replies, even after 2 weeks. Not even a spam email with a photo of a plastic cylinder and an inflation tube! Zilch!.. There must be some technological glitch in the system somewhere, because I can't believe venues are ignoring bands without even the courtesy of a reply. It takes seconds.. Copy & paste.. Job done... Anyone else besides myself and No Boundarys!?!? Fingers crossed it's a system error...and that it can be fixed!

# Posted by LAST GANG IN TOWN - 18/12/2010, 11:55 (GMT)

Call that a moan...!!!!?????

How about
''OI, all you wannabe shitholes....etc''

Too many 'pubs' jumping on the 'live music' bandwaggon for the short term fix.....

# Posted by Bobo - 18/12/2010, 13:04 (GMT)

Alec Night Train is right of course. The venues are going to be overwhelmed with replies.
However, in my long experience, it's not enough to send details and sit back and wait. Venues, agents, anyone else to whom bands send details, all have to be chased up. Those who follow up have more chance than those who don't. It's the syndrome of the baby who cries the most gets most milk!
Now to chase my agent!!

# Posted by Asa - 18/12/2010, 14:10 (GMT)

Nail>>>head. At the very least you could send a simple response back. It's just polite. The other thing that I find unnecessary is the people who send a private message.....and then put PM sent on the blog. Why? What's the point?

# Posted by No Boundarys - 18/12/2010, 14:18 (GMT)

With you there ST.
I know what your saying too Gaz.
Alec i did believe me with some of the new one's.
I have been on this site since the beginning with Whatever and No Boundarys now and have been actively gigging for about 10 years now.
BOBO i havent contacted the venues on the off chance there have been several on here over the last 2-3 weeks asking for bands.
As i first stated just a quick do one we dont like your tunes would be enough, atleast it would be a reply.


# Posted by Alyerpal - 18/12/2010, 16:45 (GMT)

But Aiden - you know you'd get dispirited if they ALL replied to you..... 8-P


# Posted by No Boundarys - 18/12/2010, 18:12 (GMT)

Bloody wouldn't Al.
Just one would be nice its getting to be a pain now.


# Posted by No Boundarys - 20/12/2010, 17:49 (GMT)

Oh well i tried and still nothing!!!!


# Posted by Billy B - 21/12/2010, 16:22 (GMT)

i've often wondered about the pm sent thing, but then again it depends how many people can access your profile. once one persons opened a message thats it, if he or she doesnt tell the others then they dont know its there, so maybe thats why??

just a thought :)

# Posted by No Boundarys - 22/12/2010, 15:19 (GMT)

Maybe Bill...dont believe it myself.:0)


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