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New Guitar please

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Posted By : The Alchemists | Comments : 8

Epiphone semi on! (just a bit of fun)

Good Afternoon Everybody

Hope you all have a good weekend of gigging in front of you.

Im looking at buying a new guitar primarily an Epiphone semi, I like the look of the Sheraton II and it would seem this is
where my money will go, just for sheer all round ability of it.

Although ive looked at Casinos, Riverias, and even an ES 175.

Having not played any of the above Im thinking of spending an afternoon at Dawsons and just having fun (with the premise to buy of course).

What are your thoughts? Anyone got or play any of the above?

Cheers Ian


# Posted by Willow (of somebig™Fish) (Reti... - 19/11/2010, 16:32 (GMT)

LOL @ semi on!

I'd love one ... never really played 'em but these two below look so damn cool ....... don't know if they're 335s or any of the above but

# Posted by The Alchemists - 19/11/2010, 16:42 (GMT)

the lefty is exactly what im after a 'Sheraton', jaysus it sounds amazing when he first comes in at the begining.

# Posted by Lie Ability - 19/11/2010, 16:47 (GMT)

I play a couple of Epiphones. Les Paul style Prophesy which has some nice Gibson pick ups and a Korean made 335 "special".

The 335 has a lovely easy to play action but could do with better pick ups. The Sheraton is more expensive and too be honest I don't think it's worth the extra money.
For me it's a better deal to buy the 335 and change the pick ups or better still go Gibson if you have the cash.
Suppose it's down to what your playing and how the guitar feels to you.
Enjoy your day at Dawsons.


# Posted by Kyle - Stubborn Sound - 19/11/2010, 16:54 (GMT)

For that price, Hagstrom and Tokai make much better guitars!

# Posted by The Alchemists - 19/11/2010, 16:57 (GMT)

Very true about how it feels, Sheratons just look beautiful, bit like comparing a Ford to an Alfa I suppose, (335 and sheratons)

Im only a strummer so Gibson is out of my range lol

# Posted by Adventures of Salvador - 19/11/2010, 17:53 (GMT)

if your buying a sheraton try for secondhand, all new ones are made in china, secondhand korean made will hold there value better and the build quality is miles better.

# Posted by Dillinger - 19/11/2010, 22:36 (GMT)

i use a washburn 335 copy for the floyd tracks we do, but to be honest it will tackle anything you play on it whatever the style.

# Posted by The Alchemists - 20/11/2010, 11:35 (GMT)

thanks for all your input, some interesting things for me to consider, I hope the dawsons salesperson is patient lol

Ta Ian

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