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Which member of your band is the most square/boring?

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Posted By : The Wes Paul Band | Comments : 6

Do you have anyone who likes to go home early and not take part in the fun?

In our band it's our drummer...he only drinks tea, he likes to go home literally the minute he's played so when we're mingling with the audience he's pestering us to go, he's always asking when we're getting paid lol, he doesn't come to rehearsals, he never likes to come for band drinks or trips out to try and get new gigs. We only ever see him when we go out on gigs.

Having said all this, he's a great guy and we wouldn't swap him for the world, lol!

Sometimes it just makes me wonder whether other bands have a weird member like that?


# Posted by Chipps the Bassist - 13/11/2010, 09:30 (GMT)

Yes! Our drummer does this exact same thing as well! We wouldn't swap ours though either, hes a brilliant musician! Maybe they could be best buddies?

# Posted by The Wes Paul Band - 13/11/2010, 13:22 (GMT)

That's well funny. It must be something about drummers!

# Posted by Subliminal Steve - 13/11/2010, 17:27 (GMT)

none of the Subs are like that.. we all like a beer or two

# Posted by The Alchemists - 13/11/2010, 21:25 (GMT)

probably me, (singer) but we havent had a band nite out as yet, perhaps need to sort one out.

# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 14/11/2010, 11:30 (GMT)

Tricky one this, lets just say that all our band are "sensible" except for me! This is perfect because too many people like me in the band would result in chaos. Because I drive the van, our drinks usually consist of - 1 coke, 2 fruit juices, 1 pt soda water, 1 half of lager. Hard core or what?

The Soultain only have 4 drinkers in the 10 man crew....and 3 of those are sensible too!

# Posted by The Kerbcrawlers - 14/11/2010, 11:58 (GMT)

It's me.

I get all serious and want to make sure the stage is neat tidy and that I have my quarter of the stage. I am just short of buying a piece of carpet and a machine gun for anyone who intrudes on my space and goes near my basses.

After the gig (and the inevitable very long day), I want to get ghome and get to bed. No 4am aftershow parties for me. Unless it's with these guys:

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