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AOL Emails

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Posted By : mr.nwb | Comments : 8

Notice for AOL email users

Just updated something on the server that may help NWB emails to be sent to an AOL email box.

If you have an AOL email box and are now getting NWB notification emails for blog posts/msgs, please let me know :-)



# Posted by viking - 31/08/2010, 16:28 (GMT)

hey-coincidently enough-got a real shock-FOUR e'm's waiting for me today!! all with TODAY'S date too-never before been known! (they're, usually, three or four days behind!!) ;-D

# Posted by mr.nwb - 31/08/2010, 16:30 (GMT)

Cool - seems to be working then. Finally got approved by AOL as a "safer sender"

# Posted by viking - 31/08/2010, 16:33 (GMT)

ah-can take it out of my "spam filter" now-add to my list of long incomprehensible numbers in the address book!! lol!! :-D

# Posted by Elektrospective - 31/08/2010, 23:27 (GMT)

yeh, mine started coming through recently. thanks.

# Posted by 45s - 01/09/2010, 10:49 (GMT)

Can these alerts be stopped, lol,

Rick - aol.com

# Posted by viking - 01/09/2010, 15:50 (GMT)

@the 45's (RICK) why on earth should they be stopped, dude? britain needs lerts!!! ;-P
(p.s. mr nwb- mine working fine now, tvm!!)

cheque, please!! ;-P

# Posted by mr.nwb - 02/09/2010, 10:45 (GMT)

# Posted by THE STORIES ,The very best! of... - 21/09/2010, 01:15 (GMT)

a great site & really appreciated thanks !

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