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We have moved!!

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Update your bookmarks!

We have moved to www.nwb.co

The existing www.northwestbands.co.uk links will continue to work for the next few months until google has updated it's index

Www.nwb.co is shorter/easier to remember.

The 'co' bit stands for 'community' - so it's rather fitting for this site


# Posted by Rumble Fat Band - 24/07/2010, 10:51 (GMT)

I didn't think you managed to secure the Domain Name Paul.
A result I reckon.

# Posted by Dean (Drummer) - 24/07/2010, 11:08 (GMT)

Hi Mr NWB,
Whilst we're on the subject of updating things may I put a couple of suggestions forward, just things I've noticed which I think could help the site and community:

1) Ability to edit a post at ANY time within a blog. Am I right in saying you can only edit a post within a certain amount of time at the mo? I know you can edit the main blog post at any time but would be good if we can edit all our posts at any time too. At the mo the only option is to delete the whole post.

2) The facility to 'subscribe' to a thread with email notifications. I know this already happens with our own blogs (we get an email whenever anyone posts) but would be good to recieve noticifications on blogs we wish to 'follow' (even if I haven't posted on the blog myself). There may be a blog from a week ago that gets lost but wish to see new posts - I know there's the 'Latest Comments' box on the right but with other blogs being created all the time, comments drop off ater 20 posts.

Anyway, just a suggestion...I know you have a lot of work on, don't know how big a job they are.


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