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NWB - Paid Membership? Your Thoughts Please!

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Posted By : mr.nwb | Comments : 63

The new site is finally on its way - With an Official Release date of.....

The new site is finally on its way - Official Release date of April 2010... and yes.. you can hold me to it!

I've been toying with the idea of a paid membership service, whereby paid members get extra added facilities e.g.

- Being able to create/manage mutiple band accounts/profiles
- Upload MP3s
- Advanced playlist stats
- Instant Messaging
- Email Gig Alerts (when a venue is looking for a band)
- Homepage coverage
- Prioritised position in "band search facility" - (similar to how sponsered ads work in Google)
- Video Upload
- Status Updates
- Customisation of profiles

Im looking at a fee of £2 per month. Or £20 for a year. This will cover the database cost, and nightly backups. All the images/mp3s wil be stored in the database so its going to get pretty darn HUGE!, and expensive to maintain.

Of course non paying members would still be able to use the site 'as is' e.g Comm blog, Gig Guide, PMs, Comments. So im not taking away any form of functionality that members currently rely on.

Just wondered on members thoughts on this proposal. Obviously, I would be giving long term/loyal members lifetime free premium membership.

Paid memberships are already used in other band sites e.g. blackpoolbands.co.uk, purevolume.com and reverbnation.com


# Posted by Asa - 03/01/2010, 17:58 (GMT)

Good idea. Sensible price. I'm a yes. Actually at that price, I'd make it all chargeable. Might get rid of some of the tits on here.

I was also thinking you could add a deputising musicians section where deps can list their availability/experience/knowledge. All bookings referred through NWB accrue a 10% charge payable to NWB??

# Posted by Duke Bocks - 03/01/2010, 18:01 (GMT)

Sounds ok to me. Was thinking mp3 uploads would be a great idea, bit like myspace maybe? And £2 a month is nothing. Like the managing multiple accounts idea, save me changing my profile WHEN YOU DON'T ANSWER MY E-MAILS !!!!..lol.
Nice one Paul and a very happy new year to you and her who must be ignored.

# Posted by delete 79 - 03/01/2010, 18:02 (GMT)

Initially when I saw blog title I thought no way pedro, but at a sensible price (which I consider it to be) I dont see a problem with it to be honest and I wouldn't have an issue paying 2 quid a month! Especially if it gives the band a slightly higher profile on the site. Best of luck

# Posted by viking - 03/01/2010, 18:03 (GMT)

sounds ok to me too

# Posted by Willow (of somebig™Fish) (Reti... - 03/01/2010, 18:07 (GMT)

thumbs aloft a la Macca here! £20 a year sounds good to me
you don't get rid of this tit that easily!! LOL

# Posted by The Kerbcrawlers - 03/01/2010, 18:08 (GMT)

It sounds fair enough to me.


# Posted by Mark C Marauder + Whitefake - 03/01/2010, 18:09 (GMT)

I've no problem with it, surprised it took so long really mate. Bring it on

# Posted by Roberto, fretboard polisher - 03/01/2010, 18:10 (GMT)

fantastic sounds great yep Paul that fee is fine by me, bring it on!!

# Posted by mr.nwb - 03/01/2010, 18:11 (GMT)

Yeah, the mutiple profile system rocks! - Sign up once, and be able to create/join bands you are in. When you leave a band, you can still keep your NWB account open, and ressign it to another band later on.

It should work well for the venues, as the landlords seems to change every 6 months or so. So I can just reasign the profile over. This should stop mutiple venue accounts/profiles appearing too.


I wanted to keep this as low as possible. At £20, thats less than your usual £% share at a gig.

The paid membership service should only affect the bands/venues (as they primarily use the site for monetary gain). Members who are signed up as Fans shouldnt need to upgrade to paid membership.

You can also safely downgrade your account at anytime. So you could decide to pay for just 6 months of the year, if you're only gigging for 6 months.

# Posted by Asa - 03/01/2010, 18:13 (GMT)

@Willow - Wishful thinking eh? Ah well.

Will there be an additional charge for the forum? lol

# Posted by Bass Bloke - 03/01/2010, 18:15 (GMT)

Bring it on , i did mention this before to paul , and yes , lets hope it does get rid of the Tits ehh! ?

# Posted by hulkamania78 - 03/01/2010, 18:16 (GMT)

If your uber talented and raise the profile of the site being a member it should be free ( myself I am talking about OBI WON)

# Posted by Asa - 03/01/2010, 18:17 (GMT)

Oh Chris. What is it about Whatever and deluded singers??

# Posted by mr.nwb - 03/01/2010, 18:20 (GMT)

@hulk - If send me a recording of yourself singing "I love NWB" to the tune of "Roll with it", at every gig in 2010, I will happily give you prem membership :-)

# Posted by Asa - 03/01/2010, 18:21 (GMT)

Chris, ignore Mr NWB, I'll pay for your membership just to avoid the embarrassment.

# Posted by james luke - 03/01/2010, 18:22 (GMT)

think its a great Idea...no probs with the pricing either

# Posted by mr.nwb - 03/01/2010, 18:27 (GMT)


"Will there be an additional charge for the forum? lol"

Forum will be going / gone / dead / buried!

Community blog will remain, but in a more focused format. Im hoping some of the new "social communication" features will divert some of the idle chit chat.

# Posted by hulkamania78 - 03/01/2010, 18:29 (GMT)

Paul. ignore socialoutcast no prob ill get a 4 track and I am away!!!
club version or out of time drumming, If the latter ill get Socialoutcast to help me .

# Posted by NIGHT TRAIN - 03/01/2010, 18:30 (GMT)

yeh i think its a good idea...will we get a card and a badge?:o)

# Posted by Asa - 03/01/2010, 18:33 (GMT)

Yeah yeah Chris. I'm no more out of time than you are out of tune. Band hug x

# Posted by Sandwich Slayer - 03/01/2010, 18:35 (GMT)

Sounds good to me. Will need a new band profile later this year and will be happy to pay somewhere around the proposed amount. Keeping it free for fans helps add value too for paid members as anyone can still sign up and see what bands are out there.

# Posted by oggi - 03/01/2010, 18:43 (GMT)

How Much????????

# Posted by mr.nwb - 03/01/2010, 18:45 (GMT)

£2 per month, or £20 for a year. Peanuts

# Posted by Sandwich Slayer - 03/01/2010, 18:46 (GMT)

well worth it especially taking the extra features into account

# Posted by Charlie & Norma - 03/01/2010, 18:46 (GMT)

Even being "just fans" we've got no problem paying a couple of quid a month.......that's if Norma will give her share. It's what I call good value for the money Paul.

# Posted by mr.nwb - 03/01/2010, 18:48 (GMT)

@C&N - Yeah, fans can upgrade too... but you wouldnt really be able to make use of the extra features e.g. uploading mp3s, and gig alerts :-(

However you might make use of the IM facility and profile customisation. I'll try and think of some extra features for "Fans", *thinking cap on!*

# Posted by 45s - 03/01/2010, 18:54 (GMT)

Cheap at half the price. Like the uploading of mp3s. Even without the new benefits I would gladly have paid 50p a week !


# Posted by Charlie & Norma - 03/01/2010, 18:54 (GMT)

Nice one Paul......you can always borrow Keefs trilby!!!!!!

# Posted by oggi - 03/01/2010, 18:56 (GMT)

How much?????? We are in a recesion

# Posted by 45s - 03/01/2010, 18:57 (GMT)

Charlie, you are more than "just fans" you are two lovely people !

Rick n Anne.

# Posted by mr.nwb - 03/01/2010, 18:59 (GMT)


So are we, but still gotta pay the bills.

# Posted by oggi - 03/01/2010, 19:00 (GMT)

I cant spelll

# Posted by Bass Bloke - 03/01/2010, 19:05 (GMT)

What about bands who use as a multiple account , is that still the same paul ?
also , if you dont want the all singin all dancin pages ,are you gonna be unable to use sections of the site , ie gig posting etc etc
eg , some bands will want the upload section , ie originals bands etc to air their mp3;'s,vids ,etc other bands wont, i mean you can post yer vids as you normally do on you tube etc , and embedding doesnt take up your hard drive space ehh ?

# Posted by Kyle - Stubborn Sound - 03/01/2010, 19:08 (GMT)

To be quite honest, I doubt we'd need most of the features but I certainly wouldn't scoff at the idea of paying for NWB.
For under 10% of a typical gig for one whole year, it's a bargain - especially if we've booked the gig through the site anyway!

Mr NWB, you seem to be full of good ideas but don't go OTT with the 'Web 2.0 social collaboration' stuff like so many sites are overdoing these days...

Personally I'd really like to see NWB become more of a forum-centric site. That's basically what the blog has become, except that popular threads aren't 'bumped'to the top by activity.

# Posted by Bass Bloke - 03/01/2010, 19:09 (GMT)

@Paul Community blog will remain, but in a more focused format. Im hoping some of the new "social communication" features will divert some of the idle chit chat.

Its the idle chit chat as you call it that sometimes makes the blog fun , we dont need regimentation to much , or whats the poit ?

# Posted by Mike Collinge - 03/01/2010, 19:18 (GMT)

sounds great to me paul, esp the managing multiple accounts and uploading. fair price too.

count me in.

# Posted by mr.nwb - 03/01/2010, 19:19 (GMT)

@Bass Bloke

The way the Band profiles will work, is similar to how the Facebook Group/fan Pages work.

You can create a band profile, and then assign specific nwb users to be able to update that profile (i.e. your band members). So everyone in your band has access to the 1 band profile, and can add gigs, and post news.

Ifyour drummer is also in another band.. then they can also belong to another band profile, and be able to manage that too. They will see that option in their "profile admininstration"

If you decided to go for the paid membership, then you could also upload photos/mp3s e.t.c to the band profiles you have created/belong too (there will be limits to stop abuse e.g. max 6 mp3s)

re:Idle chit chat has NEVER been allowed on Comm Blogs - so there will be no change in policy there. The community blog will be more focused as the "musicians wanted/gear for sale, gig promo" will appear in a separate section of the site. Similar to how it was in the original NWB

# Posted by Bass Bloke - 03/01/2010, 19:26 (GMT)

I understand that Paul, so in that case , build a off topic section,where chat can be done away from everthing else ,but in this format,so that we can chat as and when we want, thats all i ask and i am sure others will to

# Posted by Roberto, fretboard polisher - 03/01/2010, 19:39 (GMT)


# Posted by mr.nwb - 03/01/2010, 20:03 (GMT)

@bass bloke

Sounds like a good idea. Consider it on the list of things to do.

# Posted by Bass Bloke - 03/01/2010, 20:08 (GMT)

Cheers Paul cant wait then, profile section will be a great facility for nearly all bands , esp if they dont have a web site themselves, or just like me cant be bothered lol

# Posted by Steve Slinger - 03/01/2010, 20:14 (GMT)

Sounds great Paul.
You should have done it years ago ;-)
All of the bands on here have i'm sure, in one way or another, benefited from NWB - be it getting gigs, selling kit, raising their profiles or indeed simply meeting new people - So £20 a year!!! bargain.
Where do I sign up?


# Posted by Bass Bloke - 03/01/2010, 20:17 (GMT)

Pps to quote Tony Hancock and Alec Tho

A little badge would be nice ! lol

# Posted by Duke Bocks - 03/01/2010, 21:55 (GMT)

how about a likkle star at the side of your avatar to show you are "PREMIUM" member?..there ya go..BADGE..ooo theres a music connection for ya..lol

# Posted by Dean (Drummer) - 03/01/2010, 22:02 (GMT)

All sounds good from us.

# Posted by shabs - 03/01/2010, 23:48 (GMT)

yea mate.... count me in!

# Posted by Wellington Hotel - 04/01/2010, 00:48 (GMT)

All sounds like jargon to me but I'm willing to become a paying member, although I do agree with Trig about the off topic section, as a woman I feel chit chat is very important :)

# Posted by The Old Bank Inn - 04/01/2010, 04:23 (GMT)

Fab idea and the subscription in nowt for advertising bands or venues .....bring it on Mr NWBs..... :-)

# Posted by Chris ( ex Catdog ) - 04/01/2010, 09:43 (GMT)

Thumbs up from the Catdog crew.

# Posted by Guilty Pleasures - 04/01/2010, 11:30 (GMT)

As I rarely gig in the NW now (based in W/N Yorks) I probably wouldn't pay the fee. For bands active in the NW then I reckon it's outstanding value :o) . I'm currently only here for the craic, and the fact that I know/have played quite a few NW venues so I'd probably join up as a fan, also I'm happy to provide updates on venues in Yorkshire that NW bands play (eg Huddersfield, Bradford, Halifax etc).

# Posted by WOLFPACK - 04/01/2010, 14:32 (GMT)

as long as rab chips in ha ha

# Posted by viking - 04/01/2010, 15:33 (GMT)

@ wolfpack- "as long as rab chips in ha ha"
you're being a bit over optimistic there,aren't you,bro??? heh heh!!! :-D

# Posted by Dresden North End - 04/01/2010, 18:21 (GMT)

sounds good to me


# Posted by Tuskan - 05/01/2010, 08:29 (GMT)

Seems like good value to me...Baz

# Posted by Ross! - 05/01/2010, 18:47 (GMT)

Even for a forteen year old. Its a bargain.

# Posted by mr.nwb - 05/01/2010, 21:21 (GMT)

Cool.. sounds like the £2pm, is pitched perfectly.

.. and yes, if you want special stars on your profile icons to highlight the fact you're a "NWB+" member, then that can be arranged :-)

# Posted by The Aftershock - 09/01/2010, 20:06 (GMT)

Hey, the pricing does sound very reasonable! For fans that upgrade to the premium maybe they could get free download of bands original tracks they have uploaded onto here?

# Posted by Ross! - 09/01/2010, 22:49 (GMT)

How about some type of Affiliate advertising so the bands with sucsesfull profiles and websites can get some type of discount rate. Or just do it for the fun.

# Posted by OUT ON BAIL - 12/01/2010, 20:47 (GMT)

we'll be happy to pay that Paul, no probs !!!

# Posted by Houston We Have A Problem - 27/04/2010, 11:39 (GMT)

i feel a lot of bands here already that get the benefits of this website will be happy to pay but i dont think it will attract new bands as there are so many other free websites for bands. make sure you keep a free profile option! my 2p

# Posted by Alyerpal - 07/12/2010, 16:08 (GMT)

April 2010?

What happened?


# Posted by Dean (Drummer) - 07/12/2010, 16:21 (GMT)

I'm guessing 'time'...and 'prioritisation' of it?

# Posted by mr.nwb - 07/12/2010, 19:23 (GMT)

Time and money really

To get something done would mean taking about 2/3 months unpaid. And to be honest, I know lots of people said they would pay for an NWB subscription, but when it came to the crunch, I doubt that many would.

Im letting this site tick over "as is" until I have some free time.

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