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Genre : Classic Rock
Location : Manchester

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UFO / MSG tribute band.
We are the definative UFO/Michael Schenker tribute band


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Song NameArtistTypeLength (mins)
Armed And Ready MSG Cover 4
On And On MSG Cover 4
Lost Horizons MSG Cover 4
Desert Song MSG Cover 4
Victim Of Illusion MSG Cover 4
Ready To Rock MSG Cover 4
Cry For The Nations MSG Cover 4
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie MSG Cover 4
Natural Thing UFO Cover 4
Out In The Street UFO Cover 4
Only You Can Rock Me UFO Cover 4
Doctor Doctor UFO Cover 4
Love To Love UFO Cover 4
Lights Out UFO Cover 4
Rock Bottom UFO Cover 4
Too Hot To Handle UfO Cover 4
Shoot Shoot UFO Cover 4
Lipstick Traces UFO Cover 4
Let It Roll UFO Cover 4
Pushed To The Limit UFO Cover 4
I'm A Loser UFO Cover 4
Mother Mary UFO Cover 4

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UFO Michael Schenker tribute

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Line up complete

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